Frozen 2 Movie Review

Vritti Godani, Staff Writer

The movie Frozen came out 6 years ago in 2013. It mainly focused on courage, trust, and sisterly love. In the movie, the death of her parents causes Elsa, the new queen of Arendelle, to fear her icy powers are uncontrollable, so she runs away to the North Mountains. Her younger sister Anna, whom she had shut out for years, goes on a journey to find her sister and is accompanied by Olaf and other characters. The first movie was a big hit and Frozen 2 came out on Nov. 22 and excited the immense number of Frozen fans. 

The movie was one of the best animated films I have ever seen; the animation was so incredible that I almost forgot I was watching an animated film. It was filled with unexpected plot twists and new characters. There were multiple changes in emotion too, as I cried and laughed throughout the film. Freshman Emilie Conner says that “The movie was definitely better than the first one. It was more complicated but in the best way possible.”

The film depicts a lot of character development. We get to see how much Anna and Elsa’s relationship has changed over the course of 6 years and in the relationships between Kristoff and Anna, and Olaf and Sven. We also meet new characters who play a huge role in the plot of the story. These characters might not seem important when we first see them, but towards the end, we realize their value and importance in the plot of the story.

The plot of the story, in the simplest of words, is unexpected. Although this is a children’s movie, the plot is incredibly complex and mature. The story starts off with a flashback to Anna and Elsa’s childhood, which later leads to a shocking revelation, causing complete chaos in Arendelle and igniting the main conflict of the story. We are introduced to a new “civilization”, which also plays a huge role in the plot of the story. 

Frozen 2 has become one of my favorite movies because of its interesting plot that pulls you in. From the animations to the soundtrack, every single aspect of this film is flawless. I would definitely recommend this movie to my others and I would, with no doubt, watch it over and over again.