The Ultimate Teen Gift Guide

Emily Banuelos, Staff Writer

Christmas is around the corner and friends are already beginning to shop for one another. It’s getting harder to find the perfect present to give to a friend because most teens have everything, since they keep up with the latest must-have products. Luckily for you, down below I will be giving five different holiday gift ideas for teens this holiday season that are affordable.

Sophomore Casey Chan states, “In my opinion, it’s getting harder to buy Christmas presents for friends because we are all getting older and don’t need pointless things like teddy bears and what not. I know other people who know their friends want gifts that are way too expensive than they can afford so; that also makes it a challenge.”

Freshman Pia Wolf explains, “It’s harder now because we are all older and we all have different tastes, so it’s hard to find something that each person will like.”

Thus, here are some sure-to-impress Christmas gifts ideas:

1. LED String Lights with Bluetooth Capabilities – $23.99

Tik Tok has every teen putting LED string lights on their Christmas list this year to make their rooms more colorful and to make cool videos with friends to post on the app. They are essential for every teens room and with their bluetooth compatibles you can enjoy more too. These LED string lights can be purchased on Amazon, Target, or Walmart!

2. Echo Dot – $24.99 

A staple in every home is the echo dot from Amazon. It allows you to play music, search things up, turns things on and off, when you say the words “Hey, Alexa can you …”. This is the most useful gift for those friends who are techy. 

3. Waterproof Vinyl Stickers – $5.99

Hydro Flasks are carried by most teens everywhere you turn so, giving the gift of waterproof vinyl sticks is the perfect gift. When the water containers go in the dishwasher the sticks wont get damaged or rubbed off being the are specifically made for that. The stickers come with so many different creative designs fit for every personality and are sold at most stores.

4. Mini Smartphone Projector – $23.93

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and other movie stream companies have teens downloading their apps left and right, and watching movies wherever they go whether it be at school, at home, or in the car. The mini smartphone projector is the ideal gift for those movie lovers because it allows them to project movies and videos from their small phone screen into a big-screen on the go.

5. Inflatable Ultra Lounge – $16.70

Studying all day and having extracurricular physical activities can get tiring, making the Inflatable Ultra Lounge a great gift for those busy friends who need to lay down and relax after a long day. This Inflatable Ultra Lounge features a cup holder built into the two in one valve. It is also foldable making it easy to take anywhere with you.

Therefore, these five Christmas gift ideas are perfect for all teens and are all under $30. This should help you buy a gift for your special friend that is thoughtful, affordable, and appreciative. 

Junior Kaylee Long says, “The best christmas gifts for this year to give to your friends is something with technology, relaxation or other things that are trendy.”

But as it remains, the best Christmas gifts are not materialistic. Rather, they are meaningful and from the heart. 

Graphic Courtesy of ARTSYGETAWAY.COM