JPL Invention Challenge

Last Friday, the Engineering Design and Development class participated in the finals for the JPL Invention Challenge.  This year’s contest was the “Ping Pong Ball Run Contest” which was to create a device that can move up to 10 ping pong balls into a jar located 5 meters away.  The winner was the team that moves the highest number of ping pong balls into the jar.  22 school teams (out of 80) and 10 JPL employee team competed.

Team C scored 10 balls; five other school teams also scored 10 balls. These six teams competed in a tie breaker being given 15 balls. Team C and two other teams scored the 15 balls. So a second tie breaker with 20 balls was run. Team C came in third place scoring 18.

It should also be noted that only one of the ten JPL teams scored 10 on the first run.

Team C

Legolas Chen

Kitty Chien

Jiacheng Hu

Erik Huang

Justin Liao

Garret Osborn

Cedric Shaw

Eric Vetha

Photos courtesy of Bill Chapman