DIY Christmas Decorations


Shirley Huang, Staff Writer

Are you planning to go all out with Christmas decor but are a little on the broke side? From wreaths made of bows to cookie-cutter ornaments, here are a few inexpensive ways to create fun and festive Christmas decorations!
Gift Bow Wreath: Overestimate the amount of bows you would need for presents this year? Turn store-bought bows into joyous wreaths you can use to decorate your walls or front door. Begin by attaching a loop of floral wire, meant for hanging, to a styrofoam wreath form. Then, hot glue gift bows all around the styrofoam, leaving only the backside empty. Try choosing festive colored bows that compliment each other, such a classic red-and-white combo, to better represent this wonderful time of year.
Plastic Spoons Christmas Tree: If you have a bunch of plastic spoons lying around your house, you can recycle them by creating a mini Christmas tree! Cut off the long ends and save the circular tips. Spray paint all the cut spoons either white, silver, or gold. Once dry, apply hot glue to the backs of the spoons and attach them onto a cone-shaped paper mache. Start from the bottom of the mache and be sure to vary the space on each layer. Leave enough space for a spoon to be placed above and in between two lower spoons. Keep working your way up until you reach the top.
Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Why buy ornaments when you can just make your own? Gather a few Christmas-themed cookie cutters and trace their outlines onto patterned paper. Cut out the shape of the cookie cutters. Apply glue onto the edges of the cookie cutters and securely glue on the corresponding patterned paper. Allow the glue to dry before attaching a loop of yarn on the back. Now you’ve got yourself a festive assortment of ornaments!
Paper Leaf Garland: No one wants to deal with the pine needles that fall off real garlands. Instead, try opting for paper garlands! Start off by cutting out leaf shapes from patterned paper, folding each piece in half. Feel free to alternate colors and sizes for the paper leaves. Then, cut about 10 inches of floral wire–the wire will be used to connect all the leaves together. Fold the wire in half and twist. Attach the ends of each leaf onto the wire by using hot glue. With the leaves attached, twist the wires once more to make the garland seem more abundant in leaves due to the overlap. As a finishing touch, attach pom pom berries throughout the garland.
This year, be sure to full your home will festive decor that is sure to bring out the holiday spirit in everyone!