Water Polo Feature


Linda Qiu

As February nears, so does the end of AHS’ Girls Water Polo season as the team has begun to play League games. So far, the season has had its ups and downs. With an influx of new players this year, the focus this season isn’t crushing the competition, but improving the team as a whole. 

“It’s not like I don’t feel any pressure,” said sophomore Emily Fang. “Water polo is a pretty hard sport. But because I enjoy the practice and the learning experience, I feel motivated to do better with the support of the people around me. Our coaches – Coach Sam and Coach J – are really encouraging and always trying to find ways to make practices more efficient.”

For fellow sophomore Sylvie Thompson, the best part about water polo is the people. “Water polo is a really aggressive and hands-on sport,” she explained. “People get mad a lot. It’s impossible not to. But that’s what makes playing so interesting; it’s also helped me build willpower and confidence. I’ve met a lot of talented and genuine people in water polo that I’ve gotten much closer to as well.” Junior Lisa Wei agrees. “I think a big part of why we’ve improved so much is because we as a team have gotten a lot closer. Practices are tiring – they wouldn’t be as bearable without people I feel comfortable around.” When asked what was their favorite part of water polo games themselves, players listed doing the team call (done before every half of the game), winning close games, and playing home games. Most of them agreed that they most disliked going up against teams that fought dirty or significantly outnumbered them. 

The Girls Water Polo team has had a neutral start to their League run. Both varsity and junior varsity have had one loss and one win so far. “I think we can improve,” said junior Millie You. “Our team is working hard and it’s showing.” She and her teammates both dread and anticipate heading off to tournaments, in which the team typically plays five full-length games over the course of two days. It’s strenuous, but provides a chance to demonstrate Arcadia spirit and teamwork. 

Coach Janice Clark is similarly optimistic. “Even when games don’t end the way we hoped, in comparison to the start of the season, we’re doing much better. There were some teams we didn’t fare well against in the beginning of the season who we may play again in League, so we’re looking forward to that.”

There are still a few weeks and plenty of games remaining in the season for the Girls Water Polo team to make their mark in the competition. Good luck Apaches!