The Origins of 88rising


Annalise Xiao, Staff Writer

Most of us have probably seen the group “88rising” in our recommendations or playlists. 88 Rising is an American mass media company founded by Sean Miyashiro in 2015 and is best known for its various Asian American and Asian artists such as NIKI, Rich Brian, and Joji. The record label has skyrocketed in popularity as of this year and continues to become recognized. 

Where did the company’s name originate from? In Chinese, “88” means “double happiness.” At first, the company was called CXSHSNLY as it was beginning to scout for artists found on the Internet. 88Rising was formed because Miyashiro felt frustrated by the lack of a platform where Asian artists could promote themselves efficiently. He started his career with music-related professions and jobs. He realized that Asian artists needed a home where they could celebrate what they do. He came to the conclusion that no one was going to do this, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Miyashiro has set the company’s aim in promoting Asian cultures worldwide, primarily through music. In May 2016, the company uploaded their first videos on Youtube. 

88rising does everything. As a management company, they oversee their artists’ careers and distribute their music. As a media startup, they produce video content for their artists and other clients. 

One popular artist in the record label is Rich Brian, formerly known as Rich Chigga. His real name is Brian Immanuel Soewarno and he is an Indonesian rapper, singer, and songwriter. His viral debut single “Dat $tick” was first released in March 2016 on Soundcloud. His debut album, Amen, was released in February 2018. His second studio album, The Sailor, was released in July 2019. He has collaborated with Young Thug, Quavo, Diplo, 21 Savage, and other notable singers.

In November 2017, 88rising announced their tour across Asia with nine major stops. Some stops included Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, and more. The tour featured Rich Brian, High Brothers, and Joji. Today, 88rising has continued to rise on the charts. They have also released a website where fans can buy exclusive merchandise for their favorite artists. 

Sophomore Yana Verma “first heard about 88rising through their ‘Head in the Clouds’ Festival. She “really enjoyed their music and also thought that their Asian representation was really cool.” Yana’s favorite artist is NIKI and she really enjoys her style of music.


Graphic courtesy of YOUTUBE.COM