AHS Blood Drive


Emily Banuelos, Staff Writer

 At AHS, 149 units of blood were collected and will be donated to traumas, transplants, and surgeries during the blood drive on Jan. 21. Recent data displays the shortage of blood donations across the country. The Red Cross collected about 27, 000 fewer blood and platelet donations because of the holidays keeping people busy. They are urging everyone who fits the height, weight, and health requirements to schedule an appointment and donate blood, especially the people with type O. This is why high school blood drives are crucial. 

AHS does their blood drive every January because data shows it’s the time that the fewest donors give blood and the period where seasonal illnesses occur more. Mrs. Wilkins, who is an advisor of Senior Men and Women starts the planning of this event in October to make sure everything is just right for when the UCLA medical staff come down to the campus and collect blood. Some of the planning includes picking the day where the medical staff from UCLA Blood and Platelet Center can come down, sending out forms to the students who are eligible to donate, and booking the North Gym to hold the event. Mrs. Wilkins has the Senior Men and Women run the drive by getting the applicants signed in and seated before they are sent to one of the many medical staff to withdraw a pint of their blood. Some applicants are also not eligible when they get to the gym to donate because they do not meet the weight requirement. 

While the students are getting their blood withdrawn the medical staff’s goal is to make sure they are having a good enough experience for they become regular donors. Because the population of the Baby Boomer generation is decreasing, most of the regular blood donors are, too. Once a student is done donating their blood, they get checked by one of the medical staff to make sure they are fine to go back to class. Students are allowed to grab as many snacks as they wish from the table on their way out. They also receive a pamphlet of some papers, a sticker, and a movie ticket good for one admission. Mrs. Wilkins states, “Senior men and women are honored to partner with the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center to help Arcadia High School donate life saving blood.”

Furthermore, if you are able to donate blood you can make an appointment right now on the Blood Donor App or go to the Red Cross website or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). This can make a major difference in saving another person’s life; every two seconds a patient needs blood or platelets. 


Image Courtesy of RDPSWOLFPACK.COM