Boys Frosh/Soph Basketball v. Hoover


Enzo Goebel, Staff Writer

On Jan. 21, the AHS Boys Frosh/Soph Basketball Team faced Hoover High School at home in the South Gym, ending with an overwhelming win of 74-28. What would end in a smashing victory for the Apaches, began with the toss of the ball. The game that ensued was fast paced and physical. The Apaches kept up a high morale, their passes precise and teamwork cohesive.
In the first quarter, the Apaches took the lead with good “ball rotation”, catching the other team off guard with their speed. By taking advantage of each opportunity, players #21 and #13 scored several two-pointers for an early advantage.

Despite having strong offensive pressure, the Apaches made sure to maintain a capable defense. These efforts kept the Tornadoes off the scoreboard for most of the first quarter. The Apaches were full of team spirit going into the second quarter, determined to keep their lead until the end of the game.

The Apaches came into the Second Quarter with the same intensity as before to solidify their lead. Utilizing their large bench, the Apaches subbed in players many times, which gave them a clear advantage over Hoover’s smaller team. The Tornadoes, exhausted, were forced to use their timeouts at regular intervals. As both teams pushed each other to their limits, the court filled with enthusiasm among the spectators.

In the third quarter, the Apaches were leading by 60-23. Even so, neither team quit nor let their guard down. The game became more physical and with it there were more fouls. This gave players from the Apaches as well as the Tornadoes a chance to shine in their own right. The supports in the stands continued to cheer on both teams
Through the quarter #24 and #5 scored the bulk of points for their team. The JV coach, who was subbing in for the Frosh/Soph Coach, stayed immersed in the game and communicated with his players.
In the Fourth Quarter, both teams did their best, not only to win, but to enjoy themselves. While it seemed evident that the Apaches would win, any sports fan would tell you that it’s not over until it’s over. Hoover’s players were getting tired, most likely a result of their short bench. The chances that followed included two well-placed three-pointers by #1 and #14 , as well as layups by #23, #30, and #3. The game ended with the final score of 74-28, an overwhelming victory for the Apaches.

Coach Ivan Avila remarked on this decisive victory by saying that, “The boys did a great job” and “executed on the defensive end.” He went on to add that “there was great communication, running our zone” as well as that the boys were getting more “aggressive” and would be “ready” for their game against Pasadena on Jan. 24. Go Apaches!