Unsung Heroes: Ms. Anderson

Josie Chen, Staff Writer

Why is it that we always remember the most random small things? I’ve thought about this question countless times—and have finally found an answer. I’ve come to realize that it’s the little things in life that make it great.

Having gone through quite a lot, the strangest things make me think back to old memories, whether they were filled with tears of laughter or stomping around in anger. Sometimes, a warm breeze blowing by reminds me of a summer in 2008, sitting on a couch in my old house, listening to the humming of the air conditioner, living without a care in the world about what I got on a test or how I’m going to finish a project. Other times, a gray and gloomy day makes me remember my first day at a new school, feeling lost and alone, unknowing of the amazing things to come. No matter if my memories were of good or bad times, they reminded me of my childhood, and in the end, that’s always going to be a good thing

But there’s another part to all these happy flashbacks. The people make these little things as great as they are. Their contributions, such as a simple or act of kindness make all the difference in the world; and not just for me. The teacher that praises a struggling student can give them hope to do better, while the crossing guard who says “hello” and “good morning” every day may lift someone’s spirit. Equally important, a counselor can really help a student in need.

That’s why I chose Ms. Anderson, a counselor at Foothills Middle School who helps hundreds of students each year. Counseling is a career that requires a lot of patience and kindness, and a deep understanding of middle school students. Not only is Ms. Anderson’s personality fitting for her job, she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. As Ms. Anderson said, “Being a counselor I think the one rule I live by when it comes to working with all my students is to listen to them and work collaboratively to develop a plan they can use the be a success in school.” She always strives to improve someone’s day, putting on her biggest smile even if she may not be feeling her best. Her selfless character is an inspiration to all.

In addition to being a middle school counselor, Ms. Anderson is also a part of an academic support class known as AVID. In AVID, students receive the opportunity to learn necessary life skills that will aid them throughout their futures, such as how to find a job, stay organized, and manage their time. They are visited by guest speakers with words of wisdom that are really beneficial to the students’ growth and development. The program is definitely a significant part of the students’ middle school experiences and will only continue to improve with the help of Ms. Anderson.

Ms. Anderson plays one of the most important roles in student’s lives, both academically and outside of school. Not only does she help students develop crucial life skills, she counsels with compassion and selflessness; and for that, she is definitely my hero.

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