Unsung Heroes: Ms. Chin

Brandon Chen, Staff Writer

Within the halls of Arcadia High School (AHS) walks someone special, Counselor Winnie Chin. She is there every day, helping students find a better future. Whether it’s meeting with students to discuss their challenges,  creating programs of study, helping students write recommendation letters, or meeting with parents, Ms. Chin wants to do her best to “help shape… the teens who are the future of our country.”

The counseling staff of AHS works diligently year-round, with student welfare being their first priority. Ms. Chin says that even with so many students, she loves being able to “talk with kids and get to know them.”

She told us that her job is sometimes hectic with different tasks depending on the season. During the fall, she focuses on classroom presentations and letters of recommendation, while during the spring, she focuses on meetings and programming classes.

Even with so much on her plate, Ms. Chin enjoys working at AHS as it allows her to meet new people and see students grow. “Everyone at AHS is very enthusiastic and very motivated. I like how everyone has something that they are interested in and really go after it.”

She comments, “It’s kind of cool to have a lot [of students] because there are people from so many backgrounds,” especially at AHS, which has approximately 3,600 students.

Witnessing kids mature into adults is a feeling that Ms. Chin relishes. “It’s so cool when you first meet someone in 9th grade and you see them again senior year and you see a big change.”

Like any other school staff members, counselors are always busy trying to help students achieve their dreams. Ms. Chin enjoys the time she can spend interacting with people, but wishes she had more.

Ms. Chin says, “I feel like we don’t have enough time to get to know everybody. It would be nice to spend time on… more one-on-one time.”

The motivation and mindset of AHS’ counseling staff is what truly makes them unsung heroes. Many students focus so much on just their academics that they fail to notice the people helping and guiding them throughout their high school journey. The actions of the counseling staff directly impact the lives of thousands of students at AHS. This is why Ms. Chin is one of AHS’ unsung heroes.