Unsung Heroes: Ms. Sandoval

Flora Ung, Fundraising Chair

During this exciting time of year, seniors wait anxiously as their new paths unfold before their eyes. But what many of them often neglect are the ones behind the scenes who gave it their all to make that possible. Sharon Sandoval aids more than 450 students from the time they step onto campus as freshmen to the time they graduate as seniors.

Throughout these four years, she has shed some light and offered a hand to those of us striving to uncover the rest of our future.

¨Her patient attitude and willingness to offer help made high school so much easier,” said senior Jennifer Zhou.

The genuinity of Sandoval’s ability to listen to students’ aspirations and to motivate students plays a crucial part in one’s development. It is an overlooked trait that is rare to find nowadays. However, as students are caught up with extracurriculars, school work, and pressures to excel, appreciation for extraordinary counselors like Ms. Sandoval are often easily forgotten and overlooked.

It is of the utmost importance that students are fortunate enough to experience guidance like the one Ms. Sandoval offers. When students are aided by someone who truly cares for their well-being, their world expands into a more hopeful one. They open themselves up to more possibilities that they alone never would have seen.

Ms. Sandoval, who embodies all these valuable characteristics, continues her good work for future generations of hopeful students. She does her best to propel students forward and never fails to be a motivating inspiration to her students and for that, I thank her.