Unsung Heroes: Mr. Darr

Rachel Lee and Natalie Samadi

Despite being known for programming schedules and guiding students through their school years, there is more than to what meets the eye. A current counselor, Mr. Darr, is loved by students throughout our campus and continues to spread his cheer every day. On the outside, Mr. Darr seems like your typical school counselor, but many do not know him beyond his actions at work.

As a child, Mr. Darr wanted to become a magician, but after leading several retreats and gaining experience from them, he found interest in working with others, communicating with people, and gaining new perspectives. Mr. Darr dreamed of becoming a counselor since he was a senior, but was truly motivated by his very own his high school counselor, Donna Huckaby. Mr. Darr describes her as an “effective counselor who had a gift for building rapport with students and their families.” From the day he had her as a counselor, he aspired to become just like her. His first realization that being a counselor was his lifetime goal came from his enjoyment of “facilitating small group discussions and helping [his] peers.”

Mr. Darr’s source of inspiration comes from his own father and father-in-law, who “are both wise, loving, selfless and hardworking men who have helped [him] a great deal in [his] life and who have lived for the well-being of others.”

From being a counselor, Mr. Darr has learned to genuinely value the idea of giving without receiving anything in return. He believes that a job should not be about “pursuing money, power, honor or relaxation”, and “when we give our lives away for others, that is when we find our true selves and who we are truly meant to be.”

Though every job has its ups and downs, Mr. Darr describes his work as “rewarding, challenging, [and an] advocacy.” His favorite aspect of being a counselor comes from the interaction he receives with “young people as they navigate their personal and academic lives. The energy and life that comes from them really inspires and energizes” him. Many life lessons were learned from his countless experiences as a counselor, and he states that he doesn’t regret a single thing about it.

All in all, Mr. Darr’s true happiness comes from his job as a counselor, by helping students and their families, and from his life as a father and husband and enjoys helping his wife and children.