The Defenders


Kaitlin Lee, Writer

If these names sound familiar, you probably have been watching the several Marvel shows available exclusively on Netflix. These shows were created in order to accompany the incredibly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, as it is set in the same timeline as Iron Man and Captain America. These four superheroes have finally appeared on the small screen after years in comic books, and they have already been slated to appear in one giant cross-over TV show in addition to their own individual Netflix shows.

They have already risen in fame and popularity, as each one of their Netflix shows have become favorites of the Marvel fanbase, and are even critical successes. Each show has thousands of viewers and trended online when they first aired. However, compared to the Hulk or Captain America, they still are just as obscure as they were before their TV shows.

So who are these heroes? Who are the Defenders?

Join me, as we look more in depth into the four superheroes about the grace the small screen in one big package.

Real Name: Matt Murdock
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Powers: Enhanced Senses
Played By In TV Show: Charlie Cox
When he was a young kid, Matt Murdock became completely blind due to a chemical spill. However, his remaining four senses were enhanced by the chemicals. Sadly, his father was murdered in an alleyway, and Matt swore revenge on the men who killed him. That was when he became the vigilante Daredevil, the protector of the city of Hell’s Kitchen (which is not the TV show by Gordon Ramsay but an actual city in New York), and by night he becomes Daredevil.

Luke Cage
Real Name: Carl Lucas
Occupation: Bodyguard
Powers: Bulletproof
Played by in TV show: Mike Colter
Carl Lucas was wrongfully jailed after he was set up for a crime he did not commit. While serving his time, he was used as a test subject for a cell regeneration experiment that gave him bulletproof skin. Now, whenever someone shoots a gun at him or tries to punch him, Carl feels nothing. When he broke out of jail, Carl took on the new name of Luke Cage and swore to protect Harlem, his hometown.

Jessica Jones
Real Name: Jessica Jones
Occupation: Private Investigator
Powers: Super Strength
Played by in TV show: Krysten Ritter
Jessica Jones once was a superhero, but after she suffered a terrible accident, her short-lived career ended. Now, she’s a snarky private investigator for Alias Investigations who suffers from self-loathing and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder. But even with her inner and outer demons, Jessica becomes an unlikely hero for Hell’s Kitchen’s needy, especially those who can offer a good paycheck.

Iron Fist
Real Name: Danny Rand
Occupation: Co-Owner of Rand-Meachum, Inc.
Powers: Super-Strength
Played by in TV Show: Finn Jones
At a young age, Danny experienced a terrible plane crash that left him an orphan and stranded. However, he came across the city of K’un-Lun, where he learned martial arts, as well as how to summon the power of the mystical Iron Fist. He soon came back to his home in New York City years later in order to reconnect with his past and became the vigilante fighting against the criminal empire in his world.

Already, the Defenders have shown that individually, they all are unique characters. Each one has their own backstory and powers, but they also share a drive to protect their cities with their special powers. When their show comes out on August 18 this year, I know that I’ll be excitedly anticipating their return, and how their pasts and personalities will interact.

Photo courtesy of COMICBOOKMOVIE.COM