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How to Actually Study with Friends

Josie Chen, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that studying is a crucial step to succeeding on a test and getting a good grade. Unfortunately, students can often feel unmotivated when they have to repeat the same process over and over again for their various classes. However, studying can be much more enjoyable when you do it with friends instead of being locked up in a room and cramming information into your head alone. Yet this causes another problem, as time meant for working and studying with friends often ends up being a time of fun and goofing off, resulting in inefficient work. By integrating a few simple habits and changes, this problem can be easily fixed!

First, go to the workplace with the right mindset and be ready to study. Many times, students show up to the workplace feeling tired, bored, and discouraged before even starting. Not only does this increase the chances of losing focus and becoming distracted, but it will also make it much more difficult to take in new information when students are unwilling to learn. In addition, having a preconceived opinion about how studying is boring and monotonous will spread the dreary mood to others. They will become affected by the lack of enthusiasm and start to feel the same way. Therefore, it is very important to show up to the workplace with a positive and determined attitude.

Another way to make sure studying with friends is a success is by having some knowledge beforehand. Rather than going to the study session without knowing anything about the chapter or lesson, students should have at least a little bit of understanding of the material, as studying with friends means exchanging information and discussing the parts that are challenging and hard to understand. Therefore, if a student knows nothing when they show up to study with their friends, there is virtually no point in having them there because they would be unable to contribute anything at all. Furthermore, if a student understands the information and is able to teach it to their friends at the study session, they themselves will gain a better understanding of the topic as well.

Last, but not least, put away all distractions to avoid losing focus while studying. This includes clicking out of social media, turning off the ringer on cell phones, and turning the music down. By making sure that there is nothing to deviate students from studying, they will be able to do it quickly and effectively.

In conclusion, studying with friends is a great way to study for an upcoming test or quiz, but there may be a few problems that can occur. Thankfully, with a couple of changes, the problems can quickly be fixed and avoided!

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How to Actually Study with Friends