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Enduring the Final Stretch

Ashley Lee, Staff Writer

You’re stressed, you’re overworked, and you’re exhausted. You’ve put in all you’ve got, and every bit of you has been drained. You feel like you’ve had enough, and you feel as if you can’t last any longer. It only seems like a never-ending cycle, assignment after assignment, test after test, class after class. We can all relate to this crisis to some degree, and it’s no doubt we wish for it to be over.

As much as we wish for this dreaded cycle to end, we are reminded that it is still the month of November. We look forward to what lies ahead: winter break, holiday shopping, the new year, traveling, and so much more; but we must not forget there are still three weeks before the last day of the semester. There are more tests to take, assignments to complete, and greatest of all, finals to persist through. With such a windy road ahead, it is crucial to stay sharp and finish off these upcoming last three weeks even stronger than you have previously. Whether it be to clutch those borderline grades or to stay afloat on the surface, here are a few important reminders to keep in mind as you take the last steps to the finish line.

  1. Overcome procrastination. This is probably the biggest and most harming threat we face. We are plagued, and we allow it to consume us, tearing us away, bit by bit. However, we cannot allow ourselves accept this defeat. It is crucial to practice effective time management and stay on top of studies during this time of year. You will also be rewarded with a healthier sleep schedule and a decreased stress level.
  2. Set goals with intention. When you create these guidelines for yourself, you are left with a clearer mindset to follow. Otherwise, without these standards we set for ourselves, work becomes tedious. We see less of a point in what we do, and the road ahead seems foggy. You also become more motivated to work towards this goal, and you become more hopeful when you see your efforts brought to fruition.
  3. Most importantly, be mindful of your physical and mental health. The heavy workload and crazy schedules can be pretty demanding. They take up most of our lives, but we cannot let them take over our lives. Practicing a healthy lifestyle will not only allow you to feel physically healthier, but you will feel much more lively and attentive, which is a necessity for learning. Remember to take breaks when necessary and don’t overwhelm yourself.

And after you’ve given all you’ve got, the most you can do is try your best. Finish strong as you focus on the finish line of the final stretch. As you cross that line, you’ll look back and see that it was worth every step.

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Enduring the Final Stretch