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Michelle Lee, Staff Writer

As high school students, there are many things that we have to worry about. There are countless things constantly running through our minds on a daily basis. With this much going on in our lives, we are always worrying about something; whether it is academics, sports, or social lives.


“Honestly, I’m worried about becoming detached from my friends in the future,” said freshman Angela Chien. “I’m not that worried about my academics, but my friends and I are all busier now so we cannot spend as much time together.” Although Angela maintains a close relationship with her friends, she is often concerned that their busy schedules will cause them to drift apart. Nevertheless, Angela tries to push past her worries and enjoy as much time with her friends as she can.

Unlike Angela, others’ concerns veer more toward the academic side of high school life. “I’m worried about my future and that I’m not as good as I think I am when it comes to school,” said freshman Charisse Liu. With finals just around the corner, many students are starting to worry more about their academics. Luckily, there are still a few weeks before exams, and now is the time to step up the game.

“I’m mostly worried about meeting everyone’s expectations,” said junior Sophia Mediana. “It’s not just about academics but like, appearance, personality, really just everything.” As the beginning-of-the-year jitters dissipate, people are beginning to reach out and make new friends. Along with meeting new people comes the struggle of making a good impression, including expectations of how to act and how to dress. Making friends and reaching out is part of the process of going through high school, so just be yourself.

Even though we, as high school students, constantly have worries flitting through our minds, taking a step back is the key to keeping a cool head in spite of our concerns. If you are worried about academics, tackle the subjects you are struggling with one at a time. If you are worried about not spending enough time with your friends, talk with them and set aside some time every week to spend time with them. As for making good first impressions, the best impression is one that shows your true self. Our worries will only go away if we make an effort to address our problems, so start taking steps to ease the worries on your mind.

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