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How to Stop Bullying

Cynthia Lin, Staff Writer

Many students around the world have experienced some form of bullying. Bullying is generally classified as unwanted, aggressive behavior. Bullies abuse their power harm other students who they deem as inferior. These power imbalances may change in different situations but include actions such as forming threats, spreading rumors, and starting fights physically or verbally.

The key to stopping bullying is to recognize these types behavior and stop them.There are three types of bullying: verbal, social, and physical. Verbal bullying is shown by expressing rude remarks such as teasing, name-calling, or taunting. Furthermore, social bullying involves hurting their reputation by spreading rumors or embarrassing others in public. Finally, physical bullying includes hitting, kicking, tripping a person, or taking someone’s possessions.

All these kinds of bullying may lead to serious consequences for students such as depression and anxiety, and in worst cases, suicide. Therefore, we as a community must come together to try our best in taking a stand against bullying. When witnessing bullying, do not be a bystander. Notify parents, teachers, or any adult you trust so that they can help solve the problem. Standing up to bullies helps a lot since most bullies just want an audience and approval. However, being a bystander just adds to their sense of satisfaction, but going to an authority may help stop bullying.

Remember to be kind to the victim to show that you care. Examples may include sitting with them when no one else is, talking to them at school. or inviting them to hang out. Being a bystander and staying silent could make matters worse for all: the victims may continue being bullied, and the bully may begin to bully others as well. Furthermore, to fight against bullying, you can be a leader in its prevention. For instance, you may find out more about the frequent locations where bullying occurs. Try to become more involved at school such as a club devoted to anti-bullying. Raising awareness on the repercussions of bullying may lead to a significant decrease in it. All in all, raise awareness and take action to stop bullying from occurring.

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How to Stop Bullying