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Thank You, Mrs. Hatheway!

Trinity Chhay, Calendar Editor

“Born during a time where everything is at their fingertips, many teens have forgotten what it means to be thankful. One may say that they forget to be thankful for the clothes on their back or the food they have in their stomach. But a majority of the population have forgotten to be thankful for the people in their lives. In most cases, students forget to appreciate teachers–the very people who dedicate their time and life to helping generation after generation grow mentally and as people. They help students develop their math skills, their knowledge of history, their love for art, or their passion for writing.

Since the very first day of school, Mrs. Hatheway has shown her kindness, her enthusiasm for teaching, and her optimism towards her students. Anyone can tell that she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her students–whether it be their grades, their social life, or their mental health. With every lesson she has, she makes sure to add in a couple of puns or a clip or two in order to make the experience enjoyable and entertaining. She tries to make her lesson entertaining and that is what is so amazing about her–that she tries to relate to her students and tries to teach the material in a way in which it is more enjoyable and easier to absorb. Along with that, she emphasizes how she wants her students to get enough sleep and to enjoy life. Even for Halloween, she encouraged her students to go out and party instead of staying at home studying. On a day where all of her students were exhausted from studying and homework, she decided to ease their stress by watching a movie. She does not just stress the importance of writing styles or literary devices, but also the importance of having enough sleep and having fun in life. She wants her students to learn and grow as writers, but also understands that their priority should be happiness and health.

She is the one teacher that always has a smile on their face and always looks towards the positive sides of any situation. She always states how there is room for improvement and that, if her students are not where they want to be right now with their scores, that they will get there soon. Mrs. Hatheway always seems to know exactly what to say to help her students feel as if they can do it and that they will succeed.

It is so rare to find teachers that are always so enthusiastic and kind towards their students and towards their students education and learning. And to find and have a teacher who, not only values a student’s unique personality, but also their happiness, is truly a gift. Mrs. Hatheway is a gift that should be appreciated more often for everything she has done for her students.” —Trinity Chhay, 11, Pow Wow, Calendar Editor

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Thank You, Mrs. Hatheway!