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Thank You, Mr. Williams!

Ganga Prasanth and Staff Writer

“So many people don’t know how to appreciate their teacher properly. The most they may be able to do is give their teacher a gift card to Starbucks. Or sometimes a few flowers plucked from your garden at the last minute. Or maybe just a “thank you” out loud to your teacher.

Not many people realize the best way to appreciate your teacher is but simply writing them a nice letter.
So here’s to you, Mr. Williams.
I’ll be truthful, I didn’t really appreciate you for the first few weeks of school. Mainly because I wasn’t used to your self-study ideas, and I practically had no idea how to do it. All my friends’ biology teachers were doing things like lighting things on fire and being funny. At first, I thought I’d hit the road dent.
It was only around after a month that I realized I was actually learning something from you. Your self-studying techniques were much handier then I’d ever imagined it to be. I’ve never been so involved in science until now. Not only that, but science has become more interesting for me. It always gives me that “AHA!” feeling in a way that I would’ve never experienced if I had another teacher.
When I came in your classroom that day, I’d never expected a class like yours. The quizzes and test may be hard and confusing at times, but it only made me stronger.
When I go off to college and learn about self-studying, I’ll think about how you, Mr. Williams, taught me that first.
When I do hard tests, I will remind myself how to learn from mistakes and will always thank you for teaching me that.
I will always remember you were the first teacher in high school to say my name correctly.
When I think biology, I will think of you, Mr. Williams.
Thank you for being an amazing teacher!” —Ganga Prasanth, Pow Wow, Calendar Editor
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Thank You, Mr. Williams!