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Thank You, Ms. Soliven!

Maruko Myint, Josie Chen

To this teacher who has helped me since freshman year, thank you.

Ms. Soliven isn’t like most teachers. First off, when she’s walking around campus with her backpack, many people mistake her as another student. Due to her youthful appearance and quirky, trendy fashion, it’s easy for her to blend in with students. Secondly, she’s one of the most genuine and candid teachers students have the fortune to meet, and never fails to be honest and sincere with everyone she talks to. Having her as a biology teacher is an experience like no other. Her class are consistently engaging, and the various interactive methods she uses ensures that students are not only learning the content, but also understanding it.

However, the most distinctive part of the class is her personality. She isn’t afraid to show her quirkiness and share some of the knowledge she has gained from life. It’s almost as if she has a special talent to bring out her students’ personalities—even the most introverted ones—with the open, comfortable atmosphere she has created. She’s one of the few teachers whom many can be comfortable to talk to (even encompassing the deep topics surrounding life’s obstacles that’s usually reserved for close friends), and no one can even come close to the genuine, candid characteristics she possesses.

To her Link Crew class, she unveils a wholly different perspective to her personality, but it has only fortified her good characteristics. Her position in the organization is to serve as an adult supervisor to make sure we are fulfilling our responsibilities, and it highlights her genuinity towards everything she pursues in life and her strengths as an leader. She always gives us honest lectures to make sure that we keep a professional and respectable image for the organization, and it’s clear to see how much she cares for the growth of Link Crew as whole. Although it’s primarily a student driven organization, it is also due to the seamless effort she has put in that the program has grown to what it is right now.

It’s been an honor being one of her students freshman year and being able to have her again right now. Thank you for being yourself, Ms. Soliven. We truly appreciate it.” —Maruko Myint, 11, Pow Wow, Calendar Editor


“Going into Arcadia High School as a freshman last year, it was definitely a confusing and difficult time. Walking around on the first day of school, the long hallways all looked the same, upperclassmen intimidatingly towered over everyone else, and the butterfly feelings were getting out of control. As second period approached, it was time to go to general biology and meet Ms. Soliven. Who would have known that soon, she would become one of the most influential and inspirational teachers?

 To begin with, Ms. Soliven has a unique perspective on learning and education. Unlike many other teachers, Ms. Soliven does not follow the traditional classroom routine of frequent lectures, loads of homework, and overflowing stress. Instead, she strives to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible and encourages creativity and individuality within the classroom. Each day, class starts off with five minutes of music to destress and transition from the last period to the current class. Then, Ms. Soliven briefly goes over the schedule for the day and proceeds to start class, which usually consists of either class presentations to teach various sections of the chapter, taking notes and having an active discussion, or working on an interesting lab. Rather than giving boring lectures all day long, Ms. Soliven takes the time to help her students learn in a multiple of innovative ways so that they can view learning in a different way as well.

In addition, Ms. Soliven values a friendly classroom environment where everyone is comfortable with one another. She strongly believes in her students being kind to each other and developing into people of good character. For example, during Thanksgiving break last year, she offered to give extra credit to students who would do six random acts of kindness to strangers. It goes to show how much of an emphasis Ms. Soliven places on compassion and generosity, and even to this very day, continues to spread positivity by teaching her students important lessons that do not only revolve around academics.

Finally, Ms. Soliven establishes a personal connection with each and every one of her students. Her unending care and empathy for everyone can be seen on a daily basis, where she is constantly helping her students through difficulties and is willing to listen to their problems. Ms. Soliven’s undeniable kindness allows her to form a true relationship with her students, who can truly trust and count on her.

In conclusion, Ms. Soliven has played a huge role in changing the perspective of her students on enjoying the learning experience and making connections with their peers.” —Josie Chen, 10, Pow Wow, Staff Writer

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Thank You, Ms. Soliven!