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Thank You, Mr. Green!

Kobe Yu, Margaret Lin, Staff Writer

“It is an understatement to say that teachers are hardworking because not only are they vital parts in influencing a student’s academic achievements, but they also shape their outlooks and futures. Along with managing their personal life, teachers have to basically dedicate their entire day assisting students, whether it is teaching during the school hours or replying to emails after hours. Because of their hard work and dedication, this month is dedicated to appreciating all that they have done for the students.

Mr. Green is a history teacher at Arcadia High School who teaches Modern World History and AP United States History to freshmen and juniors. In addition to his school life, Mr. Green also bartends on Sundays, it is a great time for him to relieve himself from the stresses of dealing with students. Also, Mr. Green is on the district bowling team, along with other teachers like Mr. Reiske and Mr. Vo. Mr. Green usually bowls with his friends on Wednesdays, and this allows him to connect and catch up with his friends and just have fun. Having a jam-packed week, Mr. Green is also the junior class advisor. With so many things to handle and worry about, it is amazing to see how he is able to keep track of his daily to-dos and still manages to have a great attitude towards students throughout the day.
There are many things that make Mr. Green an admirable character and hands-down a great teacher. To begin, his energetic welcomes every day always puts a smile on his students’ faces. He not only worries about a student’s academic success but also keeps track of their social life by asking about their weekends. Mr. Green is always caring towards a student’s academic needs, whether it is during school or after school because he can reply to an email within the hour. In addition, his total geek-out moments and his inability to comprehend technology and slang make the class much more enjoyable. Moreover, Mr. Green’s Spanish and accents make the course a lot more interesting to learn and provides a comedic twist to what would be boring history. Not only does Mr. Green teach the history course in a way that is interesting for the students, he is very knowledgeable about this subject. He is able to keep track of the events from the beginnings of the United States to the daily occurrences in the country. Mr. Green’s style of teaching and the way he interacts with his students is one thing to see but another to experience.
Although AP United States History is a tough course, especially with the time-consuming notes and constant test taking, Mr. Green teaches the class in a way that allows his students to look forward to his class every day.”  —Kobe Yu, 11, Pow Wow, Staff Writer
“When passing through the second floor of J-building, one might see a small, easy-to-miss image of a pineapple taped to one of the normally nondescript classroom doors. The pineapple, a classic symbol of hospitality, invites the students of Mr. Paul Green to cross the threshold into a place of study. Every morning, Mr. Green welcomes his first period Modern World History students to a new day of learning with a hearty “Good morning, good morning!” all the while blasting his favorite songs on repeat. Although he probably feels just as tired as his half-asleep freshmen, Mr. Green never fails to energize his students with his seemingly endless enthusiasm.

Standing at 6’3’’ and towering over a good majority of his students, Mr. Green does give off a rather intimidating “teacher vibe”, a notion quickly dismissed by his hilarious impersonations of historical figures and even funnier accents. What could have easily been another drab history class becomes memorable and fun when retouched with a splash of his humor. Mr. Green consistently keeps his students engaged in interactive discussions and activities; there is simply no room for boredom in his classes. Unlike some teachers who teach through purely lecturing, Mr. Green has his students learn through the textbook themselves and test their knowledge through group discussions of main ideas. Like a painter filling in cracks in a newly dried wall, he then fills in the gaps in his students’ knowledge with detailed recounts of important topics. In addition to his anecdotal lessons, Mr. Green, a true history buff, has a love of recounting his travels to various historical sites and often urges his students to visit them themselves.

While not intimidating, Mr. Green is not to be mistaken for an “easy” teacher. He values and strongly upholds order and discipline within his classroom. Cheaters beware, Mr. Green watches over every corner of his classroom with eyes of a hawk and equally sharp ears. Moreover, he does not accept excuses of any kind, and woe be to the student who does not wish to learn. Although he doesn’t “force” students to put extra effort into his class, Mr. Green effectively keeps them on their toes with his frequent and unexpected pop quizzes. Demanding only the best from his students, he expects quality work and results, be it on notes, projects, or tests. However, Mr. Green is by no means a tyrant; he is also fair, allowing more second chances than other teachers might be willing to give and promoting good work ethic among his students. He also encourages students to apply events and ideas of the past to recent or ongoing events, so that they might see that the past still influences the present.

A great comedian, storyteller, and above all, a wonderful teacher, Mr. Green continues to touch the lives of his students in ways they probably don’t realize now, but will remember him for in the future.”  —Margaret Lin, 9, Pow Wow, Staff Writer

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Thank You, Mr. Green!