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Thank You, Mr. Mynster

Crystal Chin, Staff Writer

Coming into the room, one is greeted with a refreshing atmosphere of people talking with their friends and Mr. Mynster either showing everyone something he found that was cool or joking around with his students. This welcoming environment draws students in.Students can sit  back and have an enjoyable time to not only learn statistics but also to feel energized throughout the day.

Mr. Mynster is a huge advocate for coffee and for eating breakfast in the morning. If he finds out someone skipped breakfast, he will provide the student with oatmeal from his large cupboard of food. Not only does Mynster give out food to his hungry students, but also has a side table used as a coffee station. Serving Starbucks branded mocha coffee and hot chocolate, Mynster encourages his students to grab anything they would like so long as they had thermoses during the cold season. In his large cupboard, he also keeps sugary snacks for a little boost in the mornings ranging from Ho-Hos to Twinkies to candies. He may not give out the healthiest snack options, but they sure will give a sugar boost to his lethargic students throughout the day.

As well as a great statistician and geometry teacher, Mr. Mynster is also a handy programmer who is knowledgeable in knowing how many programs work and has created his own. He knows enough about technology and programming that would constantly fly over his students’ heads. He is almost like a wizard knowing the little tricks that students tend to play in order to cheat which resulted in him finding a secure browser that is mostly cheating-proof and allows him to grade and give results back rapidly.

Usually, it is frightening to approach a teacher, but with Mr. Mynster, he is more than happy to help anyone who does not quite understand the lesson or a question on one of his activity worksheets. He seems to include everyone in the class in his talks sometimes. Even if a student is not very close to him, Mr. Mynster makes the attempt to know almost every student’s name and try to joke around with them once in a while to melt any awkwardness between them. His outgoing attitude lets everyone in the class feel accepted and actively participate in class discussions. Although he tends to go through his lessons rather quickly, students do not have to fear going up to him after class or during their free time to ask him for explanations on a certain problem.

Mr. Mynster’s playful and lively classroom is not just a classroom to learn statistics and geometry in, but also a stimulating setting that gives students an extra pep to their steps throughout the school day.”  —Crystal Chin, 12, Pow Wow, Staff Writer

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Thank You, Mr. Mynster