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Thank You, Mr. Pasqua

Kristen Tran, Executive Copy Editor

Mr. Pasqua.

The only teacher who could make an entire summer of sitting in a cold classroom learning about government and economics bearable would be Arcadia’s very own, Mr. Mike Pasqua. Each corner of his room is occupied with something different: Marvel figurines, a gumball machine, and posters mocking everything from world leaders to different forms of government. His posters represent his trademark satire, a quality which most students love him for. Mr. Pasqua’s presentation of the curriculum is not only informative, but also entertaining, often making use of biographical videos and references to Shark Tank to make the content more relatable and comprehensive. Government is such a whirlwind of information and opinions, especially today, and Mr. Pasqua takes it in strides, making sure to state why every side is stupid with a why attached. And economics is not any easier. Imagine having to talk about money when you don’t have any. It feels kind of pointless, doesn’t it? For that problem, Mr. Pasqua has a container of Monopoly money in stock and ready. His endless stories and horrible roasts keep his class awake and alive. A common description among his students for their chatty, animated teacher would be that he understands compromise. Mr. Pasqua is a firm believer in not doing things by the book, often changing the pace in class to allow his students the freedom and breathing room to balance their workload from other classes while still ensuring they absorb the core principles. His students are eternally grateful for his flexible assignments, which allow them the freedom to participate in other extracurricular activities besides homework-oriented gatherings. Mr. Pasqua also keeps in touch with his students and makes conversation with them on the lesser known aspects of their lives from inside the classroom, like sports, siblings, or just an odd taste in foods. Overall, Mr. Pasqua is one of the most appreciable and memorable teachers Arcadia High has had the honor of having.”  —Kristen Chan, 12, Pow Wow, Executive Copy Editor

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Thank You, Mr. Pasqua