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Protecting Your Private Information

Justin Liao, Staff Writer

Technology is developing at an exponential rate. Back when computers were just invented, they were a rare find 20 years ago, and now the same amount of technology in those primitive computers has been compacted into small and portable cell phones. Stealing also has grown. It has gone from small business raids with the criminals physically there to high tech money scams online. In the middle of all this is credit card fraud. Cyber crimes are becoming more frequent by the minute because they are very easy to accomplish. A cyber criminal can commit a cybercrime anywhere, from directly accessing your technology, to just remotely accessing your accounts and hacking into everything. To protect yourself against those who want to steal your information, more specifically, your credit card information, consider using Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) blocking sleeves.

RFID can access electronic storage using electromagnetic fields. More specifically, RFID is a small electronic device that consists of a small chip and antenna. It serves the same purpose as the barcode on credit cards. The difference is that it is much easier to use. It can be positioned in any way and can be scanned from a longer distance. Criminals can come up to you, not even do something physically or mentally wrong, but still rob you of your information. This is because of the technology for accessing personal information has evolved parallel to the technology that keeps our information safe. Someone can remotely access your information with another person who has RFID tags as long as it is at close proximity. Because of the world we live in, being close to people is getting harder and harder to avoid.

Luckily, you can protect yourself from any of these things using the RFID Faraday Utility Pouch. The technology that is in this pouch is based on the technology military forces use to move sensitive electronic information. The pouch can protect against RFID signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and no recording of any kinds. These are all methods of gaining access to private information. It comes in two sizes: Pocket-Carry and Utility Pouch. The Pocket-Carry version is smaller and mostly is used to hold wallets, keys, USBs, electronic watches, and cell phones. It is compact enough to hold in your hand or just slip into your bag, and will prevent anyone from gaining access to your technology wirelessly. The Utility Pouch can hold much larger items, such as computers, tablets, and headphones. You could even put the same items as you would in the Pocket-Carry version.

The Utility Pouch also comes with an attached roll top and buckle to safely ensure that your technology and other items stay in place and are protected. Both versions are waterproof and have very solid zippers that no one will be able to access them with a knife or other sharp object. The RFID Faraday Utility Pouch and Pocket Carry are both on Kickstarter, and the Pocket Carry costs $59 and the Utility Pouch costs $79. The Pocket Carry also comes with its own dedicated phone slot and an easy access RFID blocking pocket for smaller items that need to be readily accessible. Both are excellent choices, with different tech items to hold in each. With its help, we are one step closer to stopping cyber attacks.

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Protecting Your Private Information