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51st Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Ashley Lee, Staff Writer

It is without a doubt that Band and Colorguard have had an incredibly schedule-packed, yet profound season this year. Anyone who has heard of the award-winning marching band and colorguard should also know how much time they spend practicing for every parade and show. Their first practices date all the way back to the beginning of summer, where they learned their parts for the field show as well as the march. Soon after school started, they engaged in many halftime shows at Friday football games, weekend parades, and competitions.

On Jan. 13, families and friends celebrated the end of another award-winning season for Band and Colorguard as they gathered to watch an incredible show. The 51st Annual Spaghetti Dinner highlighted a crowd-pleasing program and was an excellent opportunity for the Band and Colorguard members to show off all their hard work from this past season. The night featured selections from their parade march as well as this year’s field show “Resurgence”.

Three consecutive shows were held in the North Gym, with each show featuring a different class in the drill down. A drill down is a series of marching commands made by the drum major, at which Band and Colorguard members must respond to accordingly. The students competed in a drill down against their respective classmates. This portion of the event is usually especially entertaining for the audience, as they also get to cheer on the members.

The students always enjoy performing in this event, as it is a show directed towards an audience and not a competition where they are subjected to pressure. Clarinet section leader senior Stanley Chang shared that the Spaghetti Dinner was “fun but nostalgic because this is where the band season ends.” It is definitely a special and different experience to be performing in front of a crowd filled with many familiar faces and to be able to show off all the work from the year.

A round of applause to Band and Colorguard for all the time and devotion they’ve put in this season to represent AHS in its finest manner, and we congratulate them on such an amazing and successful season!

Photo Courtesy of ARCADIA MUSIC

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51st Annual Spaghetti Dinner