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Alyssa Rave, Staff Writer

On Jan. 6 and 7, the Los Angeles (LA) Fit-Expo rolled into town. The convention kicked off its 15th anniversary with another enormous crowd filing into the LA Convention Center before being greeted with dozens of bodybuilders, samples from the finest fitness companies, and numerous competitions. The Fit-Expo is one of the largest fitness conventions and offers plenty of connections and fun experiences, even for children, but it is pretty unknown.

The Fit-Expo isn’t purely about working out, but rather, living a healthy life. Over a hundred organizations set up booths that filled the entire convention center. Orange County Sheriff’s Department, LA Police Department, and LA County Firefighters talked to attendees about applying to their programs while companies like Quest Nutrition and ON gave out free merchandise to expand their platform. The samples were practically endless! Mini and full size protein bars were handed out freely, supplements sat in bowls, and attendees obtained protein shakers, water bottles, gym bags, and drawstrings from workout competitions. But it wasn’t just about the free stuff— attendees went to meet people with the same passion, watch the tournaments, and experience the positive and offering environment.

The expo is actually created to be so accepting and fun that entire families go together. Comic book character photo ops were set up with live people, kid-friendly food was given out, and there was a whole obstacle course section of the expo grounds created entirely for children.

The connections present within the expo provided plenty of opportunities for fitness fanatics to prove what they were made of. Besides giving away free stuff and hosting informative talks, companies held competitions for top spots. At least half of the booths at the expo had challenges to complete before people could earn prizes. Sometimes, however, instead of a bag or shirt, the prize could be much more rewarding. Well-known companies such as Fitness STAR International searched for their next modeling superstar at the event. World record tests could be tried by the crowd, but basic competitions for sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees were going on at all times. Bodybuilder seminars were hosted with guests ranging from household names to state competition winners. Olympians and celebrities such as Najee De-Tiege and Arnold Schwarzenegger have attended the Fit-Expo in the past, and some great names have come from bodybuilding.

The LA Fit-Expo will be returning on Jan. 26 and 27 due to its success in the area. Other 2018 North America locations include Anaheim, Philadelphia, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, and San Jose. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to visit! If you’re interested in learning more about staying healthy, getting free samples, and getting in touch with great people, attendance is encouraged!

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