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Justin Cun, Writer

After ending the last season with unanticipated losses and unmet expectations, the Apaches were driven to improve and revitalize their standings in the coming League. Coming into game after game this season, the boys have not only demonstrated their stupendous capabilities but have also justified the high hopes for the team’s performance. From an overall record of 6-10-6 to a current record of 8-2-1, Boys Varsity Soccer has indisputably proven itself to accomplish the unexpected.

Sophomore Alex Williams comments on the team’s recent games,”Our recent games have all been great; we have been playing as a team and have been able to beat some league powerhouses.” Long-time league powerhouses such as John Burroughs and John Muir High School have been an impediment to the Apaches in the previous season. However, through what Alex describes as the team’s ability to “physically beat down teams”, it has managed to stay on top, beating both Burroughs and Muir in the total of three games. When asked about the future successes of the team, Alex replied,”Our defense has been spot on and that has really boosted the confidence of our offense, so as long as we keep that up, hopefully we can keep getting better.”

With an exceptional record so far this season, the team has been setting goals to continue its success. On this topic, Sophomore Gabriel Yang comments,“To better our chance of maintaining our current play, it will require the team as a whole to properly keep our bodies healthy and to focus more during practices.” From its recent winnings, it’s clear that the team is both physically and mentally prepared for its games. However, maintaining these attributes are not necessarily straightforward, as Gabriel also remarks,“Keeping up the work needed to produce those outcomes [wins] have really bombarded us with difficulty [with] keeping our focus.”

Although the team didn’t end with a phenomenal record last season, their current standing definitely shows the amount of work the boys put in to strengthen their weaknesses in the off-season. Best of luck to the boys in the remainder of the season!

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