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SoulfulOfNoise at Venice Beach

Jasmine Oang, Staff Writer

Venice Beach, the land of trendy, hipster stores and an enticing surfing town is home to a beautiful sandy beach and a diverse cultural community, Venice has it all. Conveying the city’s lively atmosphere, the Venice Ocean Front Walk (the boardwalk) includes a vibrant mix of music and personalities. Structured around a myriad of performers, unique shops, and artists, the boardwalk is a popular stop for many.

On Jan. 20, SoulfulOfNoise returned to the Venice Beach boardwalk with a mission in mind. A popular group, SoulfulOfNoise had performed at the Venice Beach boardwalk in the past but returned due to the large amount of support it received at its last event. SoulfulOfNoise, a traveling organization, hosts concerts at various locations across Southern California and the U.S. Established by Lynisha Oni1love Hyche, SoulfulofNoise showcases the work of independent artists no matter the genre throughout its events and website. On its website it states, “Our soul intent is to spread the euphoria that only great music can provide.”  That weekend, the performers not only shared their love of music, but their love of giving back. During the event, the group took donations and raised funds for the less fortunate on Skid Row.

As an addition to its generous outlook, the group has recently partnered up with Teach Them The Way, and accepted shoe donations at this Venice Beach event for the Grow Skid Row Charity. Teach Them The Way is an organization that hopes to “educate, inspire, and empower” youths throughout Los Angeles, and through a series of partnerships with SoulfulOfNoise, it intends to expand its generous influence across Southern California. As part of their inspiration, the group aims to “spread hope and love instead of judgment” by organizing events similar to the one in Venice Beach every month “designed to improve living conditions for the residents of Skid Row.” In January, they specifically took shoe donations, accepting all sorts of shoes—worn, used, or new. If you’re thinking about  donating, they’ve already distributed the shoes on Jan. 28. However, there are many more opportunities arising.

For February, they’ll be taking toy donations, so save up your old toys and donate them at their location at Comfort LA. If you’re looking to help out through volunteering, the group will need volunteers for future events and with the distribution of toys.

However, if you’re just interested in their music, SoulfulOfNoise has events almost every weekend with different themes including 90’s weekend or single artist concerts. At their single artist concerts, the organization partnered up with Airbnb to feature one rising artist at each concert. So be on the lookout and experience new unique music while being charitable and helping out those in need!

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SoulfulOfNoise at Venice Beach