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Raw Water Trend


Jeremy Du, Staff Writer

Over the past few years, there have been a wide variety of health trends and fads, from green juicing to souping and now to raw water. Currently, raw water sells for up to $15 a gallon and is even sold out in some stores. But what is this raw water obsession, and is it healthier for you than regular water?


Enthusiasts of the raw water trend explain that raw water is water from the Earth straight to you, the consumer, without all the filtration, additives, and chemicals of water treatment plants and processes. They believe raw water from the Earth has beneficial bacteria and minerals from the Earth that can lead to advantages such as better brain function and increased beauty.


However, according to Dr. Sarang Koushik, a resident in the ABC News’ medical unit, raw water is “essentially untreated or unfiltered water, containing natural materials” that can be found in rivers, wells, or springs and is lacking fluoride.” Thus, it can be very hazardous to drink if it comes from an unknown source because it “could contain dangerous pesticides, bacteria, and animal waste products” such as E. Coli, cholera, and giardia, said Dr. Koushik. These could cause varying severe health effects, from diarrhea to organ failure.


Other experts have added that we can get the minerals that raw water enthusiasts advertise are present in raw water through a healthy diet. Thus, consuming raw water for its minerals isn’t worth the risk of accidentally taking into your body harmful bacteria and other health hazards. In addition, there has been no scientific evidence yet that proves drinking raw water will increase brain function and beauty.


Then how are companies still bottling raw water to sell if its suppose to be so dangerous to consume? Live Water, a company that bottles raw water, said on their website that “Opal spring where we source our water is from an ancient aquifer that we have extensively tested and has shown no harmful contamination what so ever. Water is collected from the covered spring head, so there is no chance for surface bacterias to enter the water. Our bottling facility is a sterile environment in which we triple rinse and wash our glass jugs. We also test each batch for harmful bacteria, and no one has ever gotten sick from drinking the water we bottle. The town of Madras Oregon trusts the water so much that they have been drinking unprocessed Opal Spring Water from the tap for over half a century.”


Live Water even sells jugs to its customers so they can collect raw water in nature themselves, however, Dr. Koushik said that this is also dangerous because the raw water one could collect is not tested or checked by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which follows set standards to make sure water is safe for consumption. There have been countless cases in the U.S. of people being admitted to hospitals and even dying because of dirty water, and millions more suffer illnesses from water contamination in developing and third world countries, which is why some are deeming this raw water movement in the U.S. as “crazy.”


Overall, this raw water trend not only is expensive but has stronger health hazards, such as potentially consuming harmful bacteria, than benefits, like the supposed increase in brain function and beauty.  

Photo courtesy to CNBC.COM

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