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Channeling Your Inner Photographer

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Channeling Your Inner Photographer

Elaine Vuong, Staff Writer

Imagine standing on top of  Mount Everest. After what seems like an endless journey through chilling weather and storms, you’ve finally made it to the top. This is when the infamous saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”  runs through your mind. You see the blue sky and the fluffy clouds and feel as if you can touch them. You never want to forget such an experience, but you realize that you can’t live there, so you think of the next best thing: taking a photograph. What does it mean to “capture the moment”? Although there are many interpretations of this saying, the most generic one might mean preserving the memory through taking a photo. Though the task may seem simple, if one wants to get a decent and beautiful scene, one must find the perfect angle, lighting, and filter.  

Technological advances have made taking pictures a daily routine capable for anyone, not just photographers. Whether it’s taking pictures for Yelp reviews or for getting likes on Instagram, photos have become a huge part of the 21st century. The younger generations use tools like their phones to capture memories and share them with others. In addition, the recent era of memes only has photos to thank. Without photos, how could such amazing and endearing memes be made? There would only be a caption and imagination. Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even more, have encouraged picture-taking. This explains all the delicious food pictures that make your mouth water and the aesthetic nature scenes that pop up on your feed. Picture posts allow friends and family to see what is happening with your life without an awkward visit. It is because of the many photos that circulate the world that people can have a visual explanation of what they can explore and someday see.  

Blurry photos are useless. When you take a photo, the purpose should be to encapsulate the object or person you want.  Taking a blurry photo where you can barely see the object or person seems rather pointless and sad. It’s important to preserve memories as everyday new ones are gained. Some tips to taking blurry-free and high quality photos are:

  1. Choosing a scene or object that is special to you. If it is a specific object or person, then focusing on just them works better.
  2. Make sure the lighting is great. You don’t want your photo to turn out too dark or too light if it wasn’t meant to be that way. This is significant because the lighting in a photo determines the mood and ambience of the scene.
  3. Every detail counts. You may not want to focus on just the background, but little features like a passerby can make a difference.

With these little tips, capturing moments should be easier and prettier. Taking photos will only become even more popular to do in the future, so it’s important to learn how to take them now!  

Photo courtesy of CREATIVELIVE.COM

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Channeling Your Inner Photographer