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Black Mirror Review

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Black Mirror Review

Natalie Samadi, Staff Writer

Black Mirror has currently been trending on Netflix and many iconic memes have been created because of this addicting and attention-grabbing show. I, along with millions of other people, enjoy a night at home binge-watching Black Mirror. After finishing all the seasons, I finally feel knowledgeable enough to be a self-proclaimed critic of this show.

Flexibility: What I love and find the most unique of Black Mirror is your ability to skip episodes—even seasons—without having to watch the previous one. This is because Black Mirror is comprised of individual episodes, almost like mini movies, with completely different plots, characters, and settings each. If there’s an episode that doesn’t entertain you, you can skip it and move on to the following one.

Good development: Since all episodes in Black Mirror are completely independent from each other, there is a new storyline in each episode. The show’s creators seamlessly introduce characters and events that make the plot easily understandable for its audience. There has never been a time when I was confused about a character or didn’t understand what was going on.

Entertaining and profound: From the beginning to the end of each episode, I was always immersed in each episode’s world. I would repeatedly fall in love with the realistic settings ranging from a post-apocalyptic society to the aesthetically tasteful and peachy neighborhoods in “Nosedive”. Additionally, as each episode came to a conclusion, the show would typically reveal a motive, usually something relatable to our society today. Conclusions in Black Mirror encouraged me to think and reflect upon how we become slaves to technology and society at times.

Predictable plot: Although this show was amazing and there are so many episodes of Black Mirror I could endlessly talk and rave about, there are still some flaws in the show. For example, because there were a few occuring themes such as a bad event happening, it was easy to predict the endings of some episodes such as “White Christmas”. Towards the end, it became very clear that Joe was working for the government in order to extract a secret Matt had been holding behind. This, however, isn’t a big downer for me because most episodes ended in a way that left me satisfied and fulfilled.

If you loved The Twilight Zone, then you will definitely enjoy Black Mirror. Many people describe this show as an updated The Twilight Zone, and it definitely gives off the same vibes as its 1960’s counterpart. Black Mirror is the perfect drama for people who crave a bit of mystery, futuristic technology, romance, and action all in one.


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Black Mirror Review