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The Omni Pillow: Never Sleep Uncomfortably again

Justin Liao, Staff Writer

Do you always fall asleep in random places, and wake up with your neck very sore? If this applies to you, use the Omni Pillow to help you! It’s not a normal pillow, for it is much more travel sized. At its full size, it is the size of two large pieces of paper, with a thickness of about two inches. The Omni Pillow can also compact into the size of a mango, into an imbedded waterproof sack. It can serve as a pillow topper, a double pillow, or a neck pillow. The pillow topper would just be used to increase your pillow’s comfortableness. The double pillow would be used as a solo pillow, which is still comfortable, but more useful for travel. The neck pillow is probably its most useful function, used for plane rides, long car rides, or any other sort of commute. It also makes use of the waterproof sack as a phone holder, with a hole for your earbuds or headphone wire to go through for an even more comfortable commute. It is the ultimate on the go sleeping tool.

Made from memory foam, the Omni Pillow is €45, or about $55, and is only available on Kickstarter. It ends on Feb 1, and has over 2000 backers, with a pledge total of almost $200k! There are obviously more add ons to just the pillow, but the basic price is $55, with only the Omni Pillow. The creator of this ingenious product is Banale, based in Italy. This company has also made two other products. One is a high quality breathing mask to filter out pollution and bacteria. The other is a travel toothbrush, with toothpaste and a toothbrush in one small and compact product. This company is based on travel sized objects and products that will help the daily commuter a lot.

Photo courtesy of THEAWESOMER.COM

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The Omni Pillow: Never Sleep Uncomfortably again