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Super Bowl Recap

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Super Bowl Recap

Ian Sutliff, Writer

Super Bowl LII (52) took place on Sunday, February 4th between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. This was the Patriots’ eighth Super Bowl appearance and the Eagles’ second.

The last time the Eagles faced off against the Patriots during a Super Bowl was in 2005. It was a close game, the Patriots winning with final score of 24-21. 13 years later, the Eagles earned themselves another opportunity to dethrone the great dynasty that is the New England Patriots during this year’s Super Bowl. Despite the fact that their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, tore his ACL back in December during a game against the Los Angeles Rams, the Eagles went 5-1 leading up to the Super Bowl.

Under the leadership of the substitute quarterback, Nick Foles, Philadelphia led the game after the first quarter 9-3 on a 25-yard field goal by Jake Elliot and a 34-yard touchdown pass from Nick Foles to Alshon Jeffery.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the first quarter, the Patriots lost their top receiver, Brandin Cooks, after he sustained a concussion while trying to receive a pass and had to leave the game. This proved difficult for the Patriots on offense and the defense struggled like they had all year. Although this was undoubtedly a huge blow to the team’s morale, the Eagles somehow extended the lead on a big run from LeGarrette Blount.

On the other hand, Tom Brady took advantage of this opportunity and showed why he was the best player ever to play the game, leading two straight scoring drives, cutting the lead to just three points. Nick Foles and his unassuming offense scored once more before half time on a trick play, strengthening the lead to 22-12.

The Patriots defense looked lethargic and out of it at half time, but there’s one thing to remember about Brady: he’s not going to give up until he sees triple 0’s on the scoreboard. At the start of the second half, Brady marched his team down the field on eight plays and seventy-five yards in just under three minutes. This play was just the first of a very high scoring third quarter, with Foles and Brady trading scores. Foles answered back with a touchdown drive of his own to get the lead back to ten.

Last year proved that the Patriots were not out of it no matter what. Tom Brady was down ten points at one point of the game, yet he was able to work his magic and cut it down to a very close game. He led the Patriots to another touchdown and cut the lead to three, but the Eagles were able to get a field goal to make it a six point game. Brady led the Patriots down the field again for their third straight touchdown drive. This score was the first time the Patriots were in the lead. However, there was a bit too much time on the clock, letting the Eagles score with a final drive, taking the win with a final score of 38-33. Brady looked ready to put the Pats on top again, but got blitzed and the ball popped loose. Eagles recovered and were able to get the lead to eight. It wasn’t enough time and Tom Brady’s last second hail-mary was batted away at the goal line.

The Eagles were able to get their first Super Bowl and their future is looking very strong. On the other side of things, the Patriots are very uncertain on their current situation. Tom Brady only has so long left and it’s the same for coach Bellicheck. Star tight-end Rob Gronkowski said that he may retire and one of the league’s best corner’s, Malcolm Butler was benched and did not seem too happy with his role. We’ll have to see what the future reveals for these teams, but next year’s Super Bowl could easily include these two teams again.

Photo courtesy of BARSTOOLSPORTS.COM

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Super Bowl Recap