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Boys Varsity Soccer Recap

Jasmine Oang

After a successful season with a record of 12-8-1 overall and 8-5-1 in league, one can say that Boys Varsity Soccer has had a few ups and downs this season. When interviewed back in November, junior Alex Yen was optimistic about a rewarding season, believing “It’ll pay off in the end.” Compared to last season’s record of 2-3-9, the group has undoubtedly improved as Alex hoped.

Having lost to Pasadena High School (PHS) earlier in the season, the team was ready to prove its worth. After the Apaches took a two point lead in the first half, the Bulldogs weren’t ready to give up the fight. Early in the second half of the game, PHS finally scored a goal. Cognizant of a possible threat, the Apaches quickly surmounted their earlier feelings of doubt and scored another goal. Unriveted, PHS attempted to surpass AHS’ defense but failed. Winning 3-2, sophomore Gabriel Yang noted, “We all felt a sense of accomplishment but at the same time, some dismay for putting ourselves in a nerve-wracking position.”

Aside from beating the Bulldogs, the team defeated long-time rivals, John Burroughs High School and John Muir High School, throughout the season. On Senior Night, the boys optimistically faced the undefeated Crescenta Valley Falcons with an “intense back and forth game.” According to Alex, players “played with a higher intensity,” hoping for a win dedicated to their fans. After battling out the close game, AHS came out with a score of 1-2 but left with a memorable night.

In another tight game against Hoover High School, the team played it close with a score of 3-2. Luckily, Gabriel, a defender, scored the winning goal with a minute left on the clock, giving him two goals during the game. When asked about the experience he said, “It was a must-win situation and we were ready to fight.” Riding on their success, the boys took their confidence to Burbank High School. Yet, confidence wasn’t enough to keep the adrenaline and winning streak running. After dominating with an early lead of 2-0, the group let its guard down. In the end, unlike the game against PHS, the group slipped up and lost its last league game, leaving with a score of 2-3. In addition, the group learned an important lesson that came into account during CIF.

During CIF, the team qualified and made it to the first round but lost to Santa Paula High School; however, it quickly redeemed itself in an intense game against Arroyo High School during a wild card seed game. With a final score of 1-0, Gabriel recalled how every player “played to [their] last breath,” pushing through cramps for over 80 minutes in double overtime. Finally, Alex, who scored the winning goal, took a chance and ended the night with a miracle. Despite this, the team’s CIF journey ended shortly after. Nonetheless, it had a successful season and hopefully, can continue to improve next season and win league. Good work Apaches!  


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Boys Varsity Soccer Recap