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Quarters Korean Barbecue Review

Crystal Chin, Staff Writer

Quarters is a Korean barbecue restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles that serves small Korean dishes along with different cuts of meat all weighing in quarter-pound portions. This restaurant has gained its popularity through multiple media outlets praising the place’s chic and bustling atmosphere along with its delicious meats. Featuring in many popular news sites such as Buzzfeed and the L.A. Times, Quarters has gotten its name out to many curious Korean barbecue frequenters and even newcomers to the korean barbecue food genre.

Although the restaurant parking is strictly valet only and a pain to encounter, the restaurant manages to still be packed around lunch time and especially dinner time. The environment feels a bit busy as several workers are constantly walking around trying to help cook each table’s meats. The service at Quarters is very efficient so that customers don’t have to cook the meat themselves. Quarters usually plays popular songs and even Korean pop music sometimes under the loud chatter of customers.

Moving onto the quality of its food, I believe that the meats at Quarters are about the same taste-wise if not just slightly above average Korean barbecue restaurants. Each meat cut has a nice marble to it (especially true for the short ribs and rib-eye cuts) which makes the meat tastier. What makes the meat taste better is the extra layer of texture and taste of cheese. Customers may ask for a small bowl of cheese which is melted by using the grill and is used as a dipping sauce. The amount of meat is relatively small, so ordering a combo guarantees enough meat for the table. Also, the prices are decent compared to many other Korean BBQ restaurants that have overwhelming prices.

Overall, the experience and food at Quarters is definitely worth checking out especially if you have not yet tried Korean barbecue or if you have run out of places to try out.

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Quarters Korean Barbecue Review