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Places You Need To Visit

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Places You Need To Visit

Alyssa Rave, Staff Writer

People make bucket lists to ensure they make the most of their lives. Before we “kick the bucket” we should all have something to look forward to because when our last day arrives, we need something to look back on. Travel is always a main theme on a bucket list, because who doesn’t want to explore the planet they had the chance of residing on? Visiting monuments is quite popular, but there are so many other places that are surrounded by positive and intriguing histories.

Stonehenge and Avebury. There can’t be a list of great places to visit without these wonders of the world. The mysterious stone circles in England aren’t as desolate as some pop-culture portrayals make them seem. Besides the parking lot near them, Stonehenge and Avebury are surrounded by lush fields, and the rest of England is just as beautiful. A trip to England would be culturally enlightening in itself, but the bustling cities and landmarks such as these would definitely make the trip. Drop by Big Ben before returning to make the journey one to remember forever.

Easter Island is another remarkable spot to visit. Imagine being able to see the Chilean statues and the remote scenery of the island in person! Besides the ocean setting, historical museums feature hundreds of different stonework from long ago, and tourists can see some other magnificent sites, such as Ahu Tongariki, and enjoy not having to endure traffic or other enormous crowds.

To enter inside the Great Pyramid of Giza of Pharaoh Khufu is a wondrous thing. You’ll be within one of the most glorious symbols of history; why pass it up? Snapping a picture in front of the Sphinx will surely complete your photo album, as well.

If it isn’t already well-known, Machu Picchu is a Peruvian site filled with ancient Inca constructions, tourists, and llamas. The hills are only accessible by a hike from a train, but the walk is indeed worth it. To walk among the actual buildings of the 16th-century empire is a sensation like no other, especially when the mountain location is already stunning.

These may be some of the most significant places to visit on the planet. If there’s ever a chance to go to these sites, it shouldn’t be ignored. But if these worthwhile locations seem too mainstream, visiting someplace meaningful to your family would absolutely be reflected on with equal positivity. Should fear of exploration prevent us from making memories? When all is said and done, we should be proud of the places we have gone.

Graphic courtesy of LONELYPLANET.COM

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Places You Need To Visit