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Benefits of Extracurriculars

Why should students participate in extracurriculars? This article will hopefully answer why and clarify the benefits of extracurriculars.

Many students are taking classes and and activities outside of school. Extracurricular activities are important not only for your high school experience, but also your college application. For one, they are fun activities that you can do after a long day of school. The numbing routine of school and homework can be very exhausting and demanding. However, after school activities may allow you to take a break from this routine and spice up your student life. Furthermore, extracurriculars can also help relieve stress that accumulates from school and academics. To get it off your mind, extracurriculars can be used to help you out in doing things other than schoolwork.

Some extracurriculars include clubs. Luckily, most high schools offer a variety of clubs. In fact, at our school, there are numerous clubs that would suit everyone’s interest; some of which include Interact Club, Gavel Club, Astronomy Club, Chess Club, Film Club, FBLA Club, and many more! These clubs may act as a fun alternative to academics in school. They can also be a helpful way to be more involved in your community through volunteering and group activities. Clubs are also a good way to meet new people and find new friends that share the same interests that you have!

“FBLA has given me a window of opportunities,” Junior Felix Li said. “Because of it, I am able to sometimes get my mind off of homework. It also made me realize that grades and classes are only a part of the curriculum; there are many other things that are equally important.”

Extracurriculars can also come in sports and theatre. Sports, although they may require a bit more time commitment, can be very rewarding. Like clubs, sports offer bonding among students. Sports are a great way to allow the mind to get off of school, all the while staying in tip-top shape.

Another example of an extracurricular is theatre. This allows students to be apart of the school play and allow you bond with others. It can be very fun and rewarding as you will be spending a lot of time rehearsing with a familiar group of people. Sophomore David Zhu said. “Tennis really made my highschool life more eventful. I got to meet a lot of my close friends because of it. Also, the adrenaline rush I get from it really cathartic and fun!”

Joining extracurriculars is definitely a rewarding experience for your high school years. Not only will these extracurricular activities enhance your high school journey, but also improve your resume! So don’t miss out!

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Benefits of Extracurriculars