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Justin Chen, Writer

AHS’ Track and Field is a force to be reckoned with. With immense talent coupled with lots of hard work, the team is looking to make it even farther than it did last year. As sophomore Zachary Ho says, “We are performing great, independently and as a team. We having been working hard and it showed in our past meets.”

When asked on how she competed, freshman Maureen Zhang stated, “Personally, I performed okay in the meets I’ve competed in. The team overall, however, is doing pretty good in my opinion. We’re winning most of the league meets in usually all four levels, but we could honestly all do better.” With plenty of room to improve, Maureen continues to push both herself and the team to strive to be the best it can be.

As for junior Kenneth Sieu, he reflected on his past events and mentioned, “I performed not my best because the season just started, but as the season progresses I will be able to reach my highest peak in the season and maybe even hit a personal record.” As long as Kenneth trains and works hard, success will surely follow.

For the past few meets, senior Bryan Huang comments on his own performance, “I have just been trying to PR in hopes of helping out the team.” By “PR”, Bryan means “personal record,” a term used by many runners to describe their best run. In addition, Bryan notes, “I always give it all I got because our opponents are looking tough this year for Boys Varsity. Everyone from throwers to jumpers are trying their best to help out the team as much as they can.”

Speaking of opponents, the team took on Burbank on Mar. 3 with lots of vigor. As the Apaches ran and jumped their hearts out, it was not enough. Although all other levels managed to come out on top of Burbank, our Boys Varsity lost to the Bulldogs. Bryan reflects, “We all tried and did everything we could, but they were just faster and better than us. However, that just means that we are going to work even harder than before.” Just like our motto, “No Apaches Down,” our athletes for Track and Field have picked themselves up their feet after their loss and are training and preparing for their next match.


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