How to Deal with SoCal Weather

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How to Deal with SoCal Weather

Emily Chen, Staff Writer

If you’re spent a day in Southern California, you know how much of a nightmare the weather can be. Temperatures can go from freezing to scorching in a matter of hours, and thunderstorms seem to appear out of nowhere on clear days. Southern California’s unstable weather often ruins people’s plans. In the morning, it might seem like a perfect day to wear short sleeves and head out to the beach. By noon, it’s fifty degrees, and thunderclouds are rolling over the horizon. To prevent any days out from becoming days in, follow these tips to prepare for any weather that SoCal might throw at you.


  1. Wear sunblock

No matter what the weather, if you plan on going outside, wear sunblock. Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. Even if it’s cloudy, taking a few seconds to put on sunblock can save you from a sunburn.


  1. Pack an umbrella

Between October and April, California’s rain is unpredictable. After weeks of heat and dry weather, it can pour and hail for an hour, and then go back to being clear once again. To avoid getting wet, pack a mini umbrella in your bag or backpack. They don’t take up much space, and you probably won’t even remember it’s there until you need it. If you think carrying around a tiny umbrella is a burden, keep in mind that getting drenched is the other option. It never hurts to be too prepared!


  1. Take a jacket

If you aren’t sure whether it will be cold or not, take a light jacket with you. You can tie it around your waist if it’s warm outside, and put it on if it gets too chilly. A hoodie is best because you can always use the hood if it starts to rain and you didn’t follow tip #2.


  1. Check the weather before you leave

If you made plans to go on a hike, play sports, swim, or do anything else outdoors, make sure to check the weather on the day of. Weather predictions change all the time, especially here in Southern California. The weather might be different than what you expected when you planned your outing, so make sure to check before you leave!


  1. Stay hydrated!

Rain or shine, it’s always important to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated improves your overall bodily function. Make sure to drink lots of water, especially when it’s hot. Take a water bottle with you to refill throughout the day, no matter what the weather!

Graphic Courtesy of VICTEEZY.COM