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AHS’ New Mobile App

Ariana Parizadeh, Staff Writer

Recently, a group of inventive Apaches seeking to make a difference at their school and help out their peers has created an app called Arcadia High Mobile. The application was coded by juniors Seongwook Jang, Jason Zhao, Tiger Ma; designed by juniors Jessica Chou, Albert Yeung, Nathan Wong; and has its contents edited by juniors Alex Hitti, and Paul Lee. According to Jason, the team created the app after “the new website format has prevented some students from checking the student bulletin; and as a result, students have missed a lot of critical information and opportunities”. The app, which is currently available in the iOS app store and being readied for Android release, has grown fairly popular on campus; it currently has more than 600 active monthly users. One of its users, sophomore Frank Cai, compliments the app for doing “an exceptional job at keeping students up to date with upcoming events and the student bulletin.”

As soon as you open the app, students have access to the latest district news. Scroll down a little and you’ll find the student bulletin featuring academics, college opportunities, volunteering, clubs, athletics, and other related information. Scroll down even more and you’ll find events that have already occurred as well as several featured Pow Wow articles. Students who are currently running the app are working to expand the app and add several features to it including, as Seongwook mentioned, “An APN page, sports page, and senior class pages.” Students receive a notification everytime the bulletin and the news page is updated, hence meeting their goal of keeping students notified.

So far, Arcadia High Mobile has received nothing but complete satisfaction and positive reviews from the app users at AHS, and its popularity and practicality are only growing. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to download Arcadia High Mobile on your Apple device and you won’t be disappointed!

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AHS’ New Mobile App