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Coffee Causes Lower Grades

Michelle Lee, Staff Writer

Coffee is not an unfamiliar part of a student’s life. Along with pulling all-nighters the day before a big test, students also consume it merely to stay awake throughout the day. We all have heard the run-of-the-mill coffee myths before: it stunts growth, it is addictive, it helps you lose weight, etc., but one large fact has been glossed over and has now surfaced. Coffee may actually lower your GPA.

In a survey of more than 1,000 college students, conducted by Best Mattress Brand, students who drink one cup of coffee or more have lower GPAs than students who do not drink coffee. In fact, the more cups of coffee a student drinks, the lower their GPA. The data showed that students who drank one cup of coffee a day had a 3.41 GPA; students who drank two had 3.39; and students who drank five or more had a 3.28 GPA. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, an assistant professor of neurology, sleep medicine at Johns Hopkins University, although not affiliated with the survey, said that coffee can definitely affect a student’s performance. An occasional cup of coffee before a test can improve cognitive function, but problems arise when students become daily consumers and depend on it. A student who is dependent on caffeine to function will only receive the opposite effect when downing a cup of coffee right before an exam. Students who have more than five cups of coffee a day should definitely consult a medical professional who will help wean them off the coffee; otherwise, there could be serious withdrawal effects.

As high school students, we might not be drinking coffee at the rate college students are, but it is definitely a fact to keep in mind when drinking our next cup of coffee. An occasional cup right before a test is beneficial, but avoid multiple cups a day lest our GPAs take a dive. Drink coffee responsibly, as it might mean the difference between an acceptance or rejection letter from your dream university.

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Coffee Causes Lower Grades