How Should You Treat Yourself This Summer?

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How Should You Treat Yourself This Summer?

Emily Chen, Staff Writer

It’s been a long, tiring school year. After studying for APs and finals, spending hours on homework, and worrying about what you’re doing next year, you definitely deserve a break. Take this quiz to find out how you should treat yourself this summer!

  1. Which animal do you relate to the most?

          a. Doge the dog

          b. Kermit the Frog

          c. Grumpy Cat

          d. A blobfish


  1. Where would your dream vacation be?

          a. Somewhere exciting, like Disney World or Las Vegas

          b. Somewhere close to nature, like a National Park

          c. A busy city, like New York or London

          d. An island paradise, like Hawaii or the Bahamas


  1. What do you like to do at the beach?

          a. Build sandcastles

          b. Hang out in the water

          c. Relax in the sun

          d. Play volleyball or some other sport


  1. If you go to see a movie, it’s probably because _________.

          a. your favorite actor is in it

          b. your friends are making you see it

          c. you have nothing better to do

          d. you genuinely want to see the movie


  1. Which summer fruit do you like best?

          a. Strawberry

          b. Watermelon

          c. Mango

          d. Kiwi


  1. Finally, how do you plan to spend your summer?

          a. Volunteering or working

          b. Hanging out with friends and family

          c. Not sure yet

          d. Going to summer school


If you chose mostly A’s, you should treat yourself to a shopping spree! Reward yourself for getting through the school year. Head to the mall or your favorite online store, and shop to your heart’s content!

If you chose mostly B’s, you should treat yourself to a TV or movie marathon! Catch up on all the episodes that you skipped in order to study, and watch all the movies that you missed during the school year. Your patience has paid off!

If you chose mostly C’s, you should treat yourself to a vacation! Travel anywhere you want, whether it’s another country, state, or city. After spending so much time inside studying, a change of scenery will be refreshing!

If you chose mostly D’s, you should treat yourself to a day off! Dedicate a day to sleeping, relaxing, and doing whatever makes you happy. Your summer should be stress-free!