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No Makeup Makeup Look

Christie Wang, Staff Writer

Models are effortless and can be envied for the way they always seem to appear presentable in contrast with the everyday person. As a result, the emphasis on appearing as if you haven’t attempted to put in the time has grown.

Learn the power of concealer.

No, you don’t have to have perfect, blemish-free skin to pull off the no-makeup look. Stock up on lightweight, hydrating concealers, like Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for medium-to-oily skin, and apply them in a triangle beneath your eyes, around the edges and center of your nose, across your chin, and on any other red spots or patches. The goal here is to minimize as much redness and discoloration as possible before even adding your tinted moisturizer.

Embrace tinted moisturizer

Sorry, but no matter how awesome your foundation is, it’s never going to give you a no-makeup makeup look, because it’s simply too heavy. Tinted moisturizers are light, airy, and allow your skin to show through it, so there’s no way you’ll get the ‘cakey’ makeup look. If you have dry skin, pick a tinted moisturizer loaded with hydrating ingredients (like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream), or if your skin gets shiny by noon, look for a semi-matte formula.

Hide blemishes the correct way.

Caking 23 layers of concealer on one blemish is immediately going to destroy your no-makeup makeup look. Instead, pick one full-coverage, yet hydrating, concealer that can cover pimples with just a few taps. After applying your tinted moisturizer, dab the concealer lightly over the head of your pimple wait five minutes, then gently tap, tap, tap to blend it out.

Keep the Rest of Your Makeup Light

You’ll still want a little somethin’ somethin’ on your face so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed, but don’t go overboard: Brush your brows and fill them in lightly with a brow crayon. Skip eyeliner altogether, then curl your top lashes and swipe on a brown-black mascara. Finish it off with a coat of tinted lip balm.

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No Makeup Makeup Look