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Heart and Soul

Gavin Do, Staff Writer

ASB revealed this year’s Homecoming theme, which was “Heart and Soul”. This year’s Homecoming will take place at The House of Blues in Anaheim. This year’s theme is very meaningful, but it also has some loose ends. What is the definitive meaning of “Heart and Soul”? I sat down with ASB President senior Alvin Tran to let him explain all about Homecoming and what to expect of it.

I started off by asking him “How do you feel about the theme?” He was quick to exclaim that he “loves the theme.” He further explains that the theme “fits the whole vibe of the venue [and] although it is not too specific, it appeals to a lot of emotions.” Heart and Soul, like many past themes, is a very minimal statement that does not have a definitive meaning; and so, when the theme was revealed, it always leaves people with questions on what it means and what they should expect. I then asked him “What [does] he want to let students know about Homecoming and what to expect of it?” He started off by giving us some tips and some information on Homecoming week. He strongly stated that ASB “will provide the opportunities to have fun, but it is what [the students] make of it.” He informed us that he wants all students to participate in all the Homecoming festivities because it will only be fun if we get involved.

When I asked Alvin “Why should students go to homecoming?” he found that this question was super important and said that “you will most likely only get four chances to go to a homecoming dance, a school dance is a part of the high school experience, and [it] is a good way to make lasting memories of your time that is not academics and stress.” Homecoming season is a good two weeks of spirit that is a fun way to get interactive with your school and other students around you. Students should all go to Homecoming to have fun and make memories that will only come a couple times in your lifetime.

Lastly, I asked Alvin “What was the theme inspired by?” He walked me through the whole process and started with that “we started off thinking about the venue” and then when ASB found The House Of Blues, they then built the theme around that. They knew that the venue had a “soulful, mellow, and jazzy vibe and look to it,” and so they came up with Heart and Soul because it fits the same vibe.

Alvin ended the interview by telling all Apache students that “whether or not you attend Homecoming, it would definitely not hurt to participate in Homecoming activities as they can also bring fun memories just like the dance itself. And don’t forget: Homecoming 2018 will be on Sept. 29 at The House Of Blues.”

Photo courtesy of ASB

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