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The Death and Legacy of Singer Mac Miller

Rebecca Tao

Malcolm McCormick, a 26-year-old singer better known as Mac Miller, was found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles on Sept. 7th, 2018, from a suspected drug overdose. Miller was a respected rapper and producer, and he started his music career in his teens. At the age of just 19, he made the top of the Billboard chart with his debut album, “Blue Slide Park”, a feat that hasn’t been achieved in over 16 years.

Along with his musical achievements, Miller is also recognized for his two-year relationship with singer Ariana Grande. The couple split in May 2018 but during their time together, they released popular titles, such as “My Favorite Part” and “The Way”. After Miller’s death, comments poured into Grande’s Instagram blaming her for contributing to Miller taking his own life. Similarly, after Miller was arrested on a DUI and a hit-and-run incident following their breakup, “fans” directed their resentment toward his ex-girlfriend. Grande responded to the hate by releasing statements that revealed the toxicity of their relationship and her concern for Miller’s mental state.

The rapper was transparent with his substance abuse and struggle with drug addiction as he shared his battles through his music and the press. Miller endeavored to reach sobriety and remain in that state, but his breakup and car accident damaged the clarity of his goals and set him back. Moreover, Miller’s label, Warner Bros. Records, released a statement on Twitter praising his music career and sending their condolences to his family. Many other celebrities and close friends of Miller followed in suit and shared their admiration for the artist. Fiona Apple, for example, described how she was introduced to Miller and regrets not being able to create music with him. Furthermore, Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother, poured out his appreciation for Miller, reaching out to him and encouraging him to enter rehab in a post on Instagram.

Celebrities committing suicide or overdosing on substances is not unusual especially after the news of Avicii, and more recently, Demi Lovato. Behind glamor, fame, and riches may lie a broken person recovering and trying to better themselves. Although we may never fully grasp the full scope of what our idols experience on a day-to-day basis from their hardships to their successes, we should be aware that they are still human.

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The Death and Legacy of Singer Mac Miller