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A Day for Yourself!

Kylie Ha, Staff Writer

Despite the fact that school has started and tests are being handed out, students from AHS often face a huge workload of assignments. Even if it’s reading a new book, getting nails done, or taking a spa day, it’s highly essential to take care of yourself and maintain a supportive and positive mental attitude. After an overwhelming, action-packed week, students take time off to do something so that their mental and physical health can recollect itself – by listening to a soothing playlist or soaking in a warm bath!

Freshman Megan Lee stated that she loves to do the staple package of relaxation on the weekends by eating and sleeping. “Sleep! I treat myself with boba and hanging out with my friends and family – especially my dog Ben!” Whether it’s playing with a pet, going to the nearest restaurant, or shopping around in your favorite stores, the key to being energetic and getting through a week of ups and downs are rest, relaxation, and mindful meditation. “Some tips I have to get through a super action-packed week is to make sure I take breaks and not to pressure myself too much!” All throughout AHS, students from all grade levels highlight the importance of having fun and making memories filled with laughter!

As numerous honors and AP classes are available to students at AHS, time is mostly spent learning new core concepts and finishing up projects, essays, and homework. Sophomore Jason Ni said, “I can’t really decide on my favorite activity, but it would most definitely be collecting insects and doing my extracurricular activities! I like to overeat after every busy week, and besides that, I like to grind my time on the internet playing games.” Just as there is a diversity of students that attend AHS, each individual has a hobby or activity they take huge pride and joy in – this makes up a broad category of activities, whether it be gardening, exercising, or drawing.

Similar to Jason, junior Chloe Leung said, “I love reading in my free time. It helps loosen a couple of nerves. After a super cramped week, I love to catch up on rest and spend a lot of time just hanging out at my house.”

According to students all throughout, binge-watching seasons and seasons of popular Netflix shows such as Friends, The Office, Stranger Things, or Riverdale, is one top-notch way to enjoy life in the quiet, laugh and laugh, and ponder the importance of family and friends! Sophomore Sean Tinio stated, “I usually just bullet journal in my spare time. After a super hard and long week, I eat a lot and watch hours and hours of Netflix. To get through a week filled with homework and after-school practices, I usually do homework for 25 minutes and take a short break for another 25 minutes.”

Even though school is a tedious moment of life where sleep is minimal, exams are crammed, and lab papers are due almost every week, it teaches us an important lesson to sustain and maintain our bodies – this includes our physical and mental health! Even if it’s sleeping in for an extra three hours or planning out a sleepover with friends, keeping up a positive mindset paves the way for better outcomes.

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A Day for Yourself!