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Ways to Save Battery On Your Phone

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

In this generation, when your phone runs out of battery, it’s devastating. Phones have become the main source of communication, and most people have a hard time functioning without it. Here’s how you can maximize your battery life, so you can avoid missing exciting snapchats from friends or staying in touch with your mom throughout your school day.

  1. Turn off location services: The iPhone GPS system drains more of your phone battery than you think. To avoid this, go to Settings and turn off Location Services manually. Even if you don’t use the apps that require your location, your battery life will still drain quickly because the service is still turned on. Turn off “Frequent Locations” too because it’s unnecessary during long school days, and it only pesters you with more ads.
  2. IOS updates: It’s always helpful to keep your iPhone updated with the newest IOS, no matter how old it is. You have access to the latest iPhone technology without having the newest phone! Also, if your phone hasn’t been updated in an extremely long time, chances are the phone won’t be able to update anymore. This is why it’s recommended that you constantly update your phone. These updates sometimes have fixes that’ll help enhance your battery life.
  3. Keep iPhones stored in non-extreme temperatures: Taken from Apple themselves, iPhones perform best when they’re kept in average or normal temperatures. For example, if your phone is left out in the sun, your battery life will most likely be damaged. In cold temperatures, your phone tends to drain the battery very quickly. Battery percentage jumps tend to occur, such as 57% down to 15%. At school, it’s hard to avoid the hot or cold weather just to keep your phone at a good battery percentage. So, just keep your iPhone in your backpack or avoid leaving it unattended in the sun.
  4. Don’t charge your phone fully and don’t discharge it: Charging your phone to 100% actually works the opposite from what you think it does. Instead of maximizing how long your phone will last in a day, a 100% battery will decrease your phone’s long-term battery life. Charging it up to 50 percent is the best way of conserving your phone’s battery, but if you really need to, just charge it up to 95%. Also, using your phone until it has no battery is not good because repowering it wears down how long your battery can last in the future.

There are actually a lot of ways you can save your iPhone’s battery; although, the number one way of saving your battery any day is to not use it very much. It’s hard to do, especially with such easy access to the Internet and other exciting apps on our phones. However, try your best to limit your time on these devices so you can be present. If you don’t have that willpower, remember, there’s always low-power mode!

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Ways to Save Battery On Your Phone