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Fun and Effective Alarm Clocks

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Fun and Effective Alarm Clocks

Yoko Inoue, Staff Writer

Sometimes you hear your alarm ring, but it’s just too difficult to get out of your warm and comfy bed. When you do drag yourself out, you realize you only have five minutes before you leave for school, and you wish you had listened to your alarm clock.

ClockyAlarm Clock on Wheels

This alarm clock will start to frantically run around once it’s time to wake up. It will not stop until you catch it and turn it off. Another cool feature about this is that it can resist falls from up to three feet, and it imitates the sound of R2D2 from Star Wars.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

The top part of the Puzzle Alarm Clock is composed of four puzzle pieces that will launch into the air. It will continue to sound until all the puzzle pieces are put back together, effectively waking you up and making you walk around.

Anemone Alarm Clock

This ball of fun will start to bounce and roll around the room once the alarm goes off. Not only will you have to chase it down, but once you catch it, it will continue running in your hands, making it exceedingly frustrating to find the off button.

Wacky Phrases Shake-N-Wake Alarm Clock

Every time you hit the snooze button, this alarm clock will start spewing different phrases with varying accents to wake you up. It is at times a bit creepy and annoying. The alarm clock irritates you further by vibrating quite loudly.

Target Alarm Clock

To make this alarm clock shut up, you have to aim for a bullseye. Yup, this clock has a target. Not only will this force you to focus, aiming for the target allows you to hone your shooting skills.

Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker

Once the alarm goes off, it will scream very loudly. If wailing as powerful as a siren isn’t enough to wake you up, the flashing red lights at the top and the bed-shaking device which goes underneath your pillow definitely will.

Wake Up, Workout

To turn off this dumbbell-shaped device, you must do 30 bicep curls. Now I know what you’re thinking. Exercising right after waking up sounds awful, but at least your arms will be fit! Not to mention the fact that you cannot cheat your way out of the curls, because the motion sensor inside the clock will know if you’re doing it right or wrong.

Say goodbye to those stressful mornings, because with these creative alarm clocks, they will never let you fall back asleep again!

Photo courtesy of PINTEREST.COM

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Fun and Effective Alarm Clocks