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How to Look Taller

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

During their awkward teenage years, most people want to look more mature or older than they actually are. Therefore, appearing taller than they are is something many teenagers strive to achieve. Surprisingly, there are multiple ways to do so, here are a few of them.


  1. Wide-Legged Pants: If you’re open to wearing pants with a bit of a flare at the bottom, any sort of wide-legged pant would be a good choice if you want to appear taller. It draws more attention to your legs, since they tend to look more dramatic than skinny-legged pants. Therefore, they’ll make your legs look longer. This helps because people who are tall tend to have longer legs. If your pants drag on the floor because they’re too long, this might make you look even shorter rather than taller. So try to find flowy pants or flared jeans that are a good length on you. Boyfriend jeans with a high waist could do the trick as well.
  2. Pick Longer Shirts: Believe it or not, crop tops can make someone look shorter than they are, no matter how high-waisted your pants may be. This is because these type of shirts are already short enough, ironic as it is. Crop tops are so cute, but they don’t help when it comes to making you look taller. V-necks are a good alternative, since they stretch out your frame and give you more height. A cropped v-neck could work, if you want to give your outfit a cuter edge.
  3. Updos: Naturally, volumized hair gives a person a good amount of extra height. There are some significantly shorter people who look the same height as someone way taller because of their hair. Don’t worry if you don’t have poofy hair; there are many ways to style it to increase your height. Styling your hair in a mohawk could work, which is a hairstyle more aimed towards males. For females, putting your hair up in a bun or a high ponytail will make you look taller. Any updo high above your head is always highly recommended.
  4. Natural Ways: You don’t have to dress or do your hair a certain way just to look taller. There are alternatives that’ll help in the long run. For example, you could improve your posture. This helps because you might discover that you’re actually way taller than you think, you just weren’t standing up straight. The same thing goes when you’re sitting. Getting more sleep helps as well because scientists have proven that you have the ability to grow when your asleep. Also, any sort of physical exercises will help you develop the good posture you need to look taller.

Hopefully these tips were insightful for looking taller. Don’t think you have to use these specific styling tips, the most important thing to help your height is your confidence. Remember, the more confident you appear, the more you’ll shine and stand out as if you were a six foot guy/girl you want to be.  


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How to Look Taller