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Goodbye, Wushiland!

Emma Chen, Staff Writer

Wushiland recently announced its closing, and for boba and tea lovers alike, this meant a difficult goodbye to one of Arcadia’s most well-known tea stores. After all, it did host hundreds of study dates and friendly hangouts for fellow students sipping on their fruit teas. Let’s be reminded of all that Wushiland had to offer.

From creamy milk teas to sweet fruit teas, the menu at Wushiland presented a multitude of drinks that were made to cater to a variety of tastes so that all customers could get a taste of what they liked. Each drink could be mixed with some boba, lychee jelly, grass jelly — you name it! They also offered mini snacks for students to munch on during those long study sessions. Although some might argue that the drinks were overpriced, there are certainly many devoted fans and supporters throughout the San Gabriel Valley area who would be quick to defend the quality of the drinks and what they’re worth. With a small market in the same store, shoppers and visitors could stop by after purchasing their groceries for a yummy refresher.

Besides the great food and service, many Arcadians remember Wushiland for the calm and ideal studying environment that made all that homework little more bearable. Whether one was studying with a friend, a significant other, or alone, there’s no doubt that the sleek, white tables and high chairs, topped off with the buzz of drinks being made and customers coming and going made those long hours of studying more manageable and definitely more enjoyable. Sophomore Joelle Yang says, “It’s had a really memorable impact on Arcadia. I wish I could’ve gone more often.” In addition to study dates, of course, there were friends and family members who spent cherished hours together chatting and catching up with a drink in hand. Friendships were formed, relationships were rekindled, and memories were made under the roof of Wushiland.

Despite its upcoming closing, on the bright side, there are several other branches in San Gabriel and Roland Heights — the distance seems to be worth it! On top of that, there are tons of other tea stores spread out across Arcadia alone including Tapioca, Quickly, Tea Bar Starry, Sharetea, Au79, and Half and Half Tea Express. Still, Wushiland was one-of-a-kind, and we Arcadians will surely be sad to see Wushiland close its doors one last time.

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Goodbye, Wushiland!